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A 15-inch silver-gilt punch ladle with rococo decoration, made in Edinburgh 1819 by George McHattie, also engraved "LUCIFER".
Price: £2,950.00
                                                                      Lucifer was a celebrated race horse (1813-1821), out of Whitworth and Hambleton Mare, which won the Edinburgh and Caledonian Hunt Meeting at Musselburgh on October 11th 1819.  The 'prize‘ raised then by 14 subscribers of ten guineas each’ was ‘the gold cup, value 100 guineas … surplus (to be) paid to the owners in specie’.  It is possible to infer that this ladle formed part of, or was made from, the extra payment.
                                                                     Lucifer went on to have a successful racing career and was renamed Clootie around 1820.  Reporting on his death in 1821, the Sporting Magazine recorded that: "He was quite well the night before."

Antique silver soup ladle A hook-end Irish soup-ladle, fluted and engraved Dublin 1769, maker's mark lightly struck, initialled {MF IF}
Price: £685.00
A heavy cast sauce ladle with shell bowl, the stem moulded with a leaf motif by Charles and George Fox, London 1852.
Price: £425.00
A small Onslow pattern soup ladle with fluted bowl by Stephen Adams I, London 1770.
Price: £420.00
A heavy hourglass pattern soup-ladle, by William Esterbrooke London 1825.
Price: £395.00
A fiddle, thread and shell pattern soup ladle of very heavy gauge, by William Chawner London 1821, crested for McCullough.
Price: £395.00
A beaded soup ladle, by James Sutton London 1781, initialled {WCB} .
Price: £365.00
Antique silver sifter

A French sifter with richly engraved bowl and cast pierced handle in first quality silver circa 1860, maker's mark indecipherable.
Price: £295.00

A silver-gilt Stag Hunt pattern sifter with fancy pierced bowl by Wakeley and Wheeler London 1887 .
Price: £285.00
A silver-gilt Stag Hunt pattern ladle, by Wakeley and Wheeler London 1887 .
Price: £280.00

An Australian fiddle pattern toddy ladle, by J. Walker of Darlinghurst, New South Wales, initialled {JJR}.
Price: £250.00



A toddy ladle with silver-mounted nut bowl, the wooden handle terminating in a silver bird on the bowl and Gothic finial, dated 11th August 1847 with the initials RTRDBC.
Price: £250.00

A heavy Old English soup ladle, by John, Henry and Charles Lias.
Price: £225.00

A fiddle pattern ladle with a spout (marked on both bowl and handle), by Jonathan Hayne London 1827 .
Price: £195.00
                                                                                                          This ladle is made in two pieces and therefore carries a full set of hallmarks on the bowl and part-marks on the handle. This arrangement is that called for by the halmarking legislation of the first half of the nineteenth century but it is extremely rare to find the regulations so closely adhered to.

A Celtic point sauce ladle with lipped bowl, by John Shiels Dublin 1784 .
Price: £195.00
A pair of Old English sauce ladles, by Peter and Ann Bateman London 1795, crested with a demi-lion rampant holding a wreath .
Price: £195.00
A pair of fiddle pattern sauce ladles with circular bowls London, 1852 by George Adams crested with a rose.
Price: £195.00
A pair of Old English sauce ladles with shell bowls, by William Traies London 1827.
Price: £175.00
A pair of fiddle pattern toddy-ladles, part of an Agricultural prize Edinburgh 1830 by Wm. Marshall, one inscribed 'From Cal. Hort. Soc to ... 1'; the other 'Mrs James Barnet for ... 2'.
Price: £175.00
An Art Deco sifter, by Liberty and Company Birmingham 1928 .
Price: £170.00
An Old English toddy ladle by William Jamieson of Aberdeen (Marked WJ and curly n) circa 1820 initialled A.C (gothic).
Price: £165.00
A feather-edged sifter, the bowl attractively pierced, made in London in 1777 by T?, initialled {S}.
Price: £160.00
An Old English pattern sifter with beaded border and fancy pierced bowl, by George Smith London 1782 initialled {RM}.
Price: £155.00
A pair of Old English sauce ladles London, 1810 by John Lias crested with an arm in armour holding a hammer for Carpenter.
Price: £150.00
An Old English sauce ladle, by Patrick Robertson Edinburgh 1776, initialled {JB}.
Price: £145.00
A pair of fiddle pattern toddy ladles by James Newlands(?) Glasgow 1823 initialled HG .
Price: £145.00
Antique silver toddy ladles A pair of small toddy-ladles with twisted stems by Henry Holland, London 1870.
Price: £140.00
An Old English pattern sifter with elaborate piercing by Samuel Wintle London 1785, initialled {EJ} .
Price: £135.00
A pair of fiddle pattern toddy ladles, by William Cunningham Edinburgh 1827, crested for MUIRHEAD .
Price: £130.00
A fiddle pattern sifter, Exeter 1850 by W. R. Sobey.
Price: £130.00
SN 8344 A fiddle pattern sifter, the piercing formed as a shell with stars surrounding, by J. & H. Lias, London 1822 crested with a bird.
Price: £120.00
An Old English sauce ladle with a wrigglework border, by Hester Bateman London 1786, numbered 1 on the heel .
Price: £115.00
A King's shape sifter with brightcut engraving and fancy pierced bowl by Elizabeth and John Eaton London 1860.
Price: £110.00
A sifter in an unnamed ornate pattern made in London in 1858 by George Adams.
Price: £110.00
An engraved sifter, the handle similarly pierced and decorated, by George Unite Birmingham 1855.
Price: £110.00
An Old English sauce ladle, by Thomas Wallis London 1799 , crested with a bird .
Price: £95.00
An Old English sauce ladle, by Robert Sallam London 1767, crested with two crossed swords .
Price: £95.00
An Old English thread cream ladle, by Benjamin Mordecai (also known as Benjamin Montague) London 1790.
Price: £95.00
A fiddle pattern sifter, by John and Henry Lias London 1840.
Price: £95.00
A fiddle thread sauce ladle London, 1843 by the Lias Brothers crested with a demi-lion rampant, crowned.
Price: £95.00
An Onslow cream ladle with lip, unmarked circa 1760.
Price: £90.00
Sauce ladle SN 8614 A fiddle pattern sauce ladle with double-fluted gilt shell bowl by John Whiting, London 1849.
Price: £90.00
A fiddle, thread and shell sauce ladle, by George Adams London 1845, crested with a demi lion rampant holding an estoile .
Price: £85.00
A fiddle shell pattern sauce ladle, by Eley Fearn and Chawner London 1812, crested with an antelope's head out of a coronet.
Price: £85.00
A fiddle pattern toddy ladle by John Neville Glasgow 1823, initialled {L}.
Price: £85.00
A fiddle pattern cream ladle, by Richard Turner London 1817.
Price: £85.00
A fiddle pattern sauce ladle, London 1837 by Mary Chawner, engraved with the arms of Edgar (The Red House, Ipswich) in a lozenge, probably for Susannah Edgar, who was married in 1783 to her 1st cousin Mileson. He predeceased her in 1830.
Price: £85.00
SN 7869 A small Old English spice-sifter London circa 1780 crested with a hawk on a mound and an eagle displayed on a mural coronet.
Price: £85.00
An Old English spice-sifter by Eley, Fearn and Chawner, London 1813 initialled O.
Price: £85.00

A fiddle, thread and shell sauce ladle, made in London in 1859, crested with a double plume of feathers coming out of a coronet.
Price: £80.00
The crest on this ladle was used by a number of families: Amory, Arderne, Astley, Linnet, Raines, Reymes, Spitty and Waldegrave.

A small Old English pattern sauce ladle, made circa 1780.
Price: £75.00
A fiddle-thread spice sifter, by William Eley and William Fearn London 1803, engraved with the crest and motto of DOUGLAS.
Price: £75.00
A cream ladle with mother-of-pearl handle, by George Unite Birmingham 1869.
Price: £75.00
SN 7635 A spice sifter by Smith and Fearn, London 1791.
Price: £75.00
A fiddle pattern spice sifter, by William Eley and William Fearn London 1822.
Price: £70.00
A fiddle pattern sifter with fancy piercing, by George Adams London 1863, initialled {MW} .
Price: £62.00
An Old English cream ladle with engraved stem, by Thomas Hart Stone Exeter 1866 .
Price: £48.00