SCHREDDS temporary search-engine

We have recently been advised that our normal bespoke search-engine is malfunctioning. Until that is rectified we have implemented a proprietary search-engine from Google to meet your needs. Regrettably we have no way of stopping the inevitable "Google adverts" from appearing and just hope our own engine will soon be functioning once more!

The results of your search appear BELOW any advertisements!


Search notes

This search engine enables visitors to find the pages where the desired word (or date) entered, appears on our web-site.
Once on the page, the browser's own search facility (usually CTRL-F) can locate the word on the page.

Please note that the search engine does not execute a partial match. Thus a search for "vinaigr" WILL NOT find "vinaigrettes".

It does find derived words though. Thus a search for "spoon" WILL find "spoons".

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