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For 38 years, our shop was located in the heart of the Antiques Section of the Portobello Market, ever since my wife Bunty and I began dealing in antique silver in 1970. In 2008, we decided that the time had come to restructure our business around this website, rather than seeking larger, alternative premises in the market. Our son Luke helps us and particularly enjoys research into the finer points of the pieces of antique silver that we handle. As Pursuivant Research he looks into matters of provenance, associated heraldry, and researches the history of objects and their owners. He also keeps tabs on customers'  changing requirements. I look after the website.

The stock

Our stock of antique silver covers an ever-widening range of "inspired silver smalls" as one trade customer described them, with an emphasis on 'oddities', whether that be related to the function of the piece or its origin.Antique silver categories Most of them are pre-1870, British sterling (or Britannia) standard silver. Whether it is medical silver, vinaigrettes, caddy spoons or silver from the Colonies or provinces that appeal: there should be something for everyone in our stock. There is also a page of modern silver artefacts by contemporary silversmiths.

Our stock varies week by week and the objective of these pages is to present an up-to-date view of our stock to our customers. We have always put service high on our list of priorities and this whole site is an extension of that principle. SOLD pieces are flagged within the week and new stock is entered once a month, generally at the end of the month..

We have special collections of early spoons, vinaigrettes, caddy spoons, wine labels, snuff-boxes and serving pieces in many of the common English, Irish and Scottish patterns. The site as a whole forms an up-to-date illustrated catalogue of our stock. Each item has at least one image (+ a thumbnail) and many have more.

Buying from us

This page details the steps in the buying process, from 1st contact to delivery and the way we ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchases from us.

To our Customers

After more than 45 years, our mailing-list of purchasers from all over the world — trade buyers and private individuals — now numbers over 3000. If you are planning a visit to the UK, and to London in particular, we would like to meet you. Since there is now no shop (however small) to which we can invite you, we'll be happy to arrange to meet you in Central London or at any of the fairs where we exhibit. And if you let us know your interests, we shall ensure that we take all relevant pieces to the particular venue where we meet — be it a fair or a West End meeting-place.

At present, we exhibit at various London fairs and Caroline Penman's Petersfield fair. You willalso find us at alternate "Colston Hall " Sunday fairs near Beaconsfield. Details of these , and any others, will appear on this page as soon as they are firm.

Contact details

To send us an E-mail enquiry , click here.

However, if you would like to send us payment details, please do NOT use email — we prefer to use the telephone and thus make sure that all the details are correct and the shipment arrives as and when you want it.

Please always quote your own email address in your response, double-checking that it is correct:
(The system does not record your sender address without this).

                                     Telephone: +44-(0)208-348-3314
                                     Mobile: +44-(0)7595-504450

P.O Box 227, London N6 4EW, England.