Occasional Papers —


The case of the double coronet

Further adventures of a double coronet

The 'Broad Arrow'

The origins of the"Star and Crescent " on the Turkish flag

Later inscriptions can enhance...

The Prince of Wales feathers motif

A 'Westminster Guildhall' spoon

A Souvenir of Crow's Chophouse


There is more to antiques than their aesthetic appeal. Each piece is the product of its time, demonstrates the skill of its maker — and became the proud possession of its first owner.

It is to Pursuivant Research that we turn to supplement the descriptive information of a piece and set it into a historical context. It is run by Luke Schrager, who is the author of the 'Research Notes' listed on the left as well as the 'Occasional Papers' listed on the right.

Luke the researcher

Luke has worked on several collections, been involved in setting up a commercial heraldry website, and is currently organising the archives of an old and famous school. His more formal qualifications as a historian are an M.A. in History (St Andrews) and another in Art & Design (London). He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.

He can be contacted via Schredds.