Spoonmaking is a family business — a fresh piece of evidence
In the course of research into the Callard family of spoonmakers, an interesting fact emerged through study of the Will of the noted spoon-maker Paul Hanet.

Hanet’s close relationship to the Callard family had been noted earlier by Grimwade — it was known that he was the master of Isaac Callard (who was apprenticed to him in 1708) and godfather to Isaac’s son Paul Callard (sometimes known as Collar). Hanet became Paul’s official master in 1737 when the apprenticeship was sealed.

Examining Paul Hanet’s will, signed on 10th August 1741, it contains many bequests. One in particular was:

‘Twenty pounds to my grandson Paul Collar to be paid his father six months after my decease’

Thus, in addition to all the links noted by Grimwade, Paul Hanet was Paul Callard’s grandfather. Even within the closely knit community of Huguenot immigrants to eighteenth century London, this is an exceptionally close relationship.

Luke Schrager

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