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Your privacy is very important to us:

1)    We shall never pass on any of your details to another body or person without first receiving your express permission in any and every case where the question arises.

2)    The foregoing includes your email address. We do send out newsletters to all our customers whenever we have a major fair in prospect. However, if you would prefer not to receive these, an email stating this will ensure your removal from the list.


Your security is very important to us:

1)    When purchasing from us, we strongly advise against the use of ordinary email for the transfer of sensitive information such as credit card details. We are available by phone or on fax and would prefer to ring you at a time to suit your convenience. That way we can ensure that our package arrives as and when you want it. Any sensitive data such as credit card details are kept for a few days (until our shipment has arrived) and then destroyed. The only record kept is our copy of the credit card machine print-out. If telephone communication is not an option, payment may be made via our Paypal account :

To send us an E-mail please quote your own email address in your response,
double-checking that it is correct.

Telephone: +44-(0)-208-348-3314
Mobile: +44-(0)7595-504450

P.O Box 227, London N6 4EW, England.