Antique Silver and SCHREDDS

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SCHREDDS -- the Schrager-Reddaway story

My wife-to-be, Bunty Reddaway, and I joined forces and set up our antique business in 1970. SCHREDDS combined our names and lent a suitable touch of raggedness! We located it in the heart of  the Antiques Section of the Portobello Market. Before we became dealers in antique silver, she was a teacher and I a physicist. Since then she has become a gardener and a book-binder and I, a publisher and web-master! In 2008, we decided to leave the Portobello Road and concentrate on expanding this website and the services it offers, as well as exhibiting at many more fairs in London and around the country.

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Our son Luke helps out when his time allows. Being a trained historian and a historical researcher, he does our research, particularly the heraldry and attributions. Keeping up-to-date with our customers'  changing requirements is part of his remit.


The stock

We started with early spoons and rare hallmarks: now we stock an ever-widening range of "inspired smalls" as one trade customer described the small antique silver collectibles that make up the majority of our stock. Most of them are pre-1870, British sterling (or Britannia) standard.

The Customers

When we opened this web-site in April 1996 we hoped to use it to extend our contacts with our more distant customers and keep in touch with them between their visits to the UK. We have been pleasantly surprised by the number of new contacts and customers which this website has brought us — if you buy from us, we keep a note of your wants so that we can let you know when something suitable comes in. We also ask your permission to keep your details in accordance with GDPR regulations. Credit card details are destroyed immediately after use — never kept.

The service

Very deliberately, we do not give dimensions on our web-site. Instead we send these with every enquiry, together with a full condition report.  In this way we hope to avoid sending out goods which are not what is wanted — an expensive pastime!
We also prefer to accept payment by card over the phone and will not accept card details by email. That way we can also ensure that the parcel arrives when the customer is expecting it — and get an idea of any further requirements.
We have always offered the right to return any purchase from SCHREDDS stock within a reasonable period of time, for whatever reason — and we give a full refund of the money received provided the item has not altered in any way.


Goods 'On Consignment'

It often happens that collectors, having painstakingly built a collection, decide to specialise or even change direction altogether. Provided the pieces they have put together in the past fall within our criteria and areas of interest, we are delighted to help in their disposal, freeing up funds for future purchases. For details of how such arrangements operate, please email us.

Such pieces in our stock are designated with a final 'z' after the Stock Number.

To send us an E-mail please quote your own email address in your response,
double-checking that it is correct.

                                     Telephone: +44-(0)208-348-3314
                                     Mobile: +44-(0)7595-504450

P.O Box 227, London N6 4EW, England.