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Charles I/II filigree box heart shaped circa 1640 A Charles I/II heart shaped filigree box, circa 1640-1660 .
Price: £850.00
Cowrie shell snuff box circa 1750 Francis Harrache London A George II Cowrie shell snuffbox with silver mounts, by Francis Harrache of London circa 1750, initialled {SC} .
Price: £745.00
China Trade snuff box A China Trade snuff box completely lined with tortoise shell , Canton circa 1840 by KHC. The maker's mark is located on the inside of the lid.
William IV engraved snuffbox London 1834 Mordan Riddle A William IV oval snuffbox with an engraved body and gilt interior by Sampson Mordan and Gabriel Riddle London 1834 (also part marked in the lid and stamped Sampson Mordan and Company on the flange), crested with a stag's head .
Price: £550.00
Queen Anne patch box 1710 A Queen Anne patch box, by TK of London (sometimes ascribed to Thomas Kedden or Kedder), circa 1710 .
Price: £495.00
 Circular box

A circular box with enamelled decoration and impressed with a rose , circa 1680. Inside are a collection of toys, minute replicas of dining wares ─ 4 dinner plates, a salt cellar and two trefid spoons.
Price: £495.00

 Cardcase A heavy cased engine-turned cardcase with vacant cartouches by Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1840.
Price: £495.00
 Cigar case A cigar-case with leather lining by Edward Smith, Birmingham 1856.
Price: £475.00
 Mother-of-pearl box A mother-of-pearl box with silver mounts and hinge, engraved on the lid and base with a complex cypher, circa 1730 .
Price: £450.00
 Snuff box A snuffbox formed of a nut, carved with hunting scene on rear and vacant shield- shaped cartouche with lion supporters on lid, perhaps Colonial circa 1825.
Price: £450.00
A George III snuff box Edinburgh circa 1800 Robert Gray Glasgow A George III rectangular snuff box with rounded corners. engraved borders and a gilt interior, assayed by Robert Gray (of Glasgow) in Edinburgh circa 1800, crested with an arm holding a broken lance .
Price: £425.00
 Snuff box An engine-turned snuff box, by John Shaw Birmingham 1814, initialled {JRL} and engraved with the date 1848 in small print.
Price: £425.00
 Counter box A filigree counter box with enamel jack of clubs on green ground in lid unmarked circa 1790.
Price: £325.00
 Snuff box A ribbed snuff box, by Thomas Wilmore Birmingham 1800.
Price: £310.00
Double compartment snuff box A double-compartment snuff box with curved body, made by Joseph Willmore in Birmingham in 1806, initialled {JBP} .
Price: £295.00
 Snuff box

A curved snuff box with ribbed exterior, by John Reily London 1802, inscribed to the interior of the lid 'In Memory of James Kirton September 7th 1849'.
Price: £295.00

James Kirton (c.1793-1849) died on September 7th 1849 and was buried 6 days later at St. Marylebone Parish Church in London. He had lived at 1 Great Portland Street where he traded as a stationer and had 'a ruled accompt book warehouse'. On his death he left everything to his sister Elizabeth and, if she should predecease him, he willed that there should be 'an equal division... among my brothers and sisters without distinction or partiality and I hope we shall all meet in heaven.' It is interesting to note that he was not the first member of the Kirton family to be in the paper trade as in the 1660s the diary of Samuel Pepys refers to Joshua Kirton as 'my bookseller' who traded from St. Paul's Churchyard.

 Snuff box A ribbed snuff box, by RB (probably Roger Biggs) London 1801, initialled {CC} on the inside of the lid.
Price: £295.00
 Match striker and ladies' snuff

:A small match-striker/ladies snuff by John Harris, London, 1853 engraved {ACP} beneath 2 crests, for PONSONBY and COOPER.
Price: £275.00

Charles Frederick Ashley Cooper Ponsonby (1815-1896) succeeded as 2nd Baron De Mauley in 1855.

 Counter box and counters box A silver box containing four counters (used for Hoyle's method of scoring in Whist), by Joseph Taylor of Birmingham circa 1800.
Price: £265.00
 Snuff box An engine-turned snuffbox inscribed on lid 'Presented to Mr Samuel Broadhurst' by Francis Clarke, Birmingham 1840.
Price: £250.00
 Patch box A patch box, the lid engraved with chequer board design, Birmingham 1814 by Cocks and Betteridge.
Price: £250.00
 Patch box A circular patchbox with chequerwork decoration by Joseph Taylor, Birmingham 1805 fully marked in both base and lid.
Price: £240.00
 Patch box "A cast circular patchbox with German style engine-turned decoration circa 1750, with workman's mark in base and 2 minute and illegible import marks on base and lid, initialled {AH}.
Price: £220.00
Victorian snuffbox Latta

An Edward VII/George V small snuffbox engraved with the arms of the Latta family , by JB&Co and also stamped SILVER, circa 1910- for J. Boseck and Company of Kolkata (Calcutta).
Price: £195.00

Genealogical and archival sources record members of the Latta family in India from at least 1829 with several individuals serving in the East India Company and British armies.

Pair of patch boxes An unmarked pair of silver patch-boxes, circa 1790, initialled {EH} and {JSH} and each engraved '1792' on the base.
Price: £195.00
Gilt copper box aventurine lid circa 1750 A George II circular gilt copper box with aventurine glass lid and die-struck base, circa 1750 .
George III silver filigree patch box circa 1790 A circular filigree patchbox, circa 1790 .
Price: £145.00
George III Old Sheffield Plate box 1760 A circular Old Sheffield Plate box with the lid decorated with a theatrical scene and a tortoise-shell base, circa 1760 .
 Circular box An engraved circular box entirely in the Dutch manner by Hilliard and Thomasson, Birmingham 1869 engraved '22 June 1869'.
Price: £145.00
A 2-part German egg, geometrically engraved unmarked, circa 1740, probably German.
Price: £140.00
Victorian vesta case 1885 Sampson Mordan London A Victorian vesta case with engraved body, by Sampson Mordan and Company London 1885, initialled {WS} .
Price: £135.00
A beaded patch box 1896 Heath and Middleton A pill box with beaded borders, by Heath and Middleton London 1896 (also part marked on the lid).
Price: £125.00
 Snuff box A circular snuff or large patch box with tortoise-shell lid and base, both concave in shape, unmarked circa 1780, initialled SA.
Price: £125.00
A rounded rectangular vesta-case, plain but with shaped octagonal cartouches by William H. Sparrow, Birmingham 1909 .
Price: £75.00
 Small patchbox A very small metal patchbox decorated with Prince-of-Wales feathers and, on the reverse, stamped 'Prince of Wales's Box', mid-19th century.
Price: £52.00