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A pair of snuffers with cast decoration by Wallis and Hayne, London 1814 crested with a pelican vulning, 3 chicks in a nest.
Price: £595.00
SN 6711 A pair of cast grapeshears with matted vineleaf handles by William Eaton, London 1843.
Price: £450.00
A pair of steel snuffers with spring-loaded cutting mechanism with silver plaque and silver handles circa 1780, the plaque inscribed 'By His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent Cope & Cutler'.
Price: £395.00
A large pair of sugar tongs with shell bowls, an engraved bow and a 'boy and barrel' finial, by Francis Higgins London 1859, crested with 'out of a mural coronet an arm embowed in armour holding a dagger' and initialled {EJD} .
Price: £375.00
A pair of silver scissors, perhaps for grapes by Eley and Fearn, London 1814.
Price: £375.00
A pair of beaded sprung sugar tongs, London circa 1790 by IB (perhaps for John Buckett), crested with a griffin's head.
Price: £255.00
A pair of andiron shaped tongs, the pierced bowls with rat-tails, London circa 1710 with indecipherable maker's mark (a.f).
Price: £240.00
A pair of sugar nips, by Henry Plumpton London circa 1765 .
Price: £225.00
A pair of sugar-nips with shell bowls by Simeon Coley ?, London circa 1765 initialled AB.
Price: £195.00
A pair of hourglass handled nutcrackers with close-plated jaws by Taylor and Perry, Birmingham 1829.
Price: £185.00
A pair of silver-gilt Stag Hunt pattern sugar tongs with the bowls modelled as human masks, by Lias and Wakely London 1885 .
Price: £175.00
A pair of plain sugar-nips by GN (Grimwade 3589 untraced), London circa 1770.
Price: £165.00
A pair of sugar nips, possibly by William Maddocks London circa 1765, crested with a demi lion rampant holding a crown .
Price: £160.00
Sugar nips SN 8642 A pair of sugarnips of standard form by John Gorham, London 1739-55, initialled E over IE.
Price: £155.00
A pair of fiddle pattern sugar-tongs York, c.1820 by James Barber and William Whitwell crested with a demi-lion rampant.
Price: £145.00

A pair of sugar tongs with bright-cut decoration and decorated circular bowls, by Thomas Allen Sheffield 1778, initialled {EH}.
Price: £135.00
                                                          Graham Hodges records a pair of sugar tongs dated 1777 but using Allen's incuse maker's mark (click here) .

A pair of brightcut sugartongs, by Hester Bateman London 1786-1790.
Price: £120.00
A pair of bright cut sugar tongs, by John Pittar Dublin circa 1790, initialled {D}.
Price: £110.00
A pair of bright-cut sugar tongs, by Hester Bateman London circa 1780, initialled C.
Price: £110.00
A pair of silver-gilt sugar tongs with feather-edge borders, convex arms and a blank cartouche, made in London circa 1770 by Thomas Woodhouse .
Price: £110.00
A pair of bright-cut sugar tongs incorporating Prince of Wales feathers, by George Wintle London 1795.
Price: £100.00

A pair of Old English thread sugar tongs, Edinburgh circa 1800 by T & E (apparently not present in list of Edinburgh makers), initialled H.
Price: £85.00

A pair of brightcut sugar tongs, by Richard Crossley London 1795, initialled {RJH}.
Price: £80.00
A pair of feather-edge sugar tongs with shell bowls and a vacant cartouche, by Thomas and William Chawner London circa 1770 (Grimwade 3510) .
Price: £75.00
A pair of bright-cut sugar tongs, London circa 1780 by Benjamin Mordecai.
Price: £68.00
A pair of fiddle pattern sugar tongs, by James Scott, Dublin 1816.
Price: £60.00
A pair of brightcut sugar tongs, by James Phipps London circa 1790, initialled {JRE}.
Price: £55.00
A pair of fiddle pattern sugartongs, Exeter 1834 by W. R. Sobey.
Price: £55.00
A pair of shaped sugar tongs with feather-edge borders, by Thomas Nash London circa 1770.
Price: £48.00
A pair of beaded sugar tongs, by William Sumner London circa 1782, initialled {SK}.
Price: £48.00
A pair of brightcut sugar tongs, by William Eley and William Fearn London 1802, initialled {HH}.
Price: £48.00
A pair of Old English sugar tongs engraved on one shoulder with the Prince of Wales feathers, by Thomas Watson Newcastle circa 1795.
Price: £48.00
A pair of fiddle pattern sugar tongs, by IN London 1815.
Price: £45.00
A pair of sugar-tongs with twisted stems, by George Maudsley Jackson in London in 1884 .
Price: £42.00
A pair of fiddle pattern sugar tongs, by Lister and Sons Newcastle 1850.
Price: £38.00
A pair of Old English thread pattern sugar tongs, Old Sheffield Plate circa 1800 .
Price: £30.00

A pair of Hanoverian sugar tongs marked on the outsides, made by Frederick Bradford McCrea in London in 1885 .
Price: £28.00
                                                                                                          Major Frederick Bradford McCrea (1833-1914) hallmarked items at the London Assay Office on behalf of the Army and Navy Co-operative Society. McCrea founded the firm in 1871 on Victoria Street and it was later renamed the Army and Navy Stores. McCrea entered this mark in 1880 and retired from the firm in 1903.