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20.2" mazarin London 1805 Henry Nutting arms of Earl Grosvenor

A large George III mazarin (20.2"/51cm wide), by Henry Nutting London 1805, engraved with a scratchweight and the arms of Robert Grosvenor, 2nd Earl Grosvenor and (from 1831) 1st Marquess of Westminster (1767-1845)

Robert Grosvenor (1767-1845) inherited the family estates and the Earldom of Grosvenor from his father in 1802. He held several government offices including a Lordship of the Admiralty between 1789-1791 and Commissionership of Indian Affairs from 1793-1801. He carried the Third Sword of State at the Coronation of Queen Victoria. In 1794, Robert Grosvenor married Eleanor Egerton, only surviving daughter and heir of Thomas Egerton (future Earl of Wilton) and in 1831 he was made 1st Marquess of Westminster (as well as a Knight of the Garter in 1841). An engraved portrait of Earl Grosvenor (13.3 cm/5.25 "x 21.3cm/8.4" unframed) published in 1820 accompanies the mazarin.
The Grosvenor family had owned some marshy land on the edge of the West End of London from the time of the marriage of Sir Thomas Grosvenor to the heiress Mary Davies in 1666. However it was Robert in 1825 who employed the builder Thomas Cubitt (1788-1855) to develop the estate, using the soil reclaimed from the creation of St. Katharine's Dock. This lead to the street plan of Pimlico and Belgravia with its many stuccoed buildings that we know today. It also added substantially to the fortunes of the Grosvenor family (Dukes of Westminster since the elevation of Robert's grandson in 1874).

Pierced basket A pierced circular silver basket with floral borders and a swing handle, by John Figg London 1835 .
Price: £850.00
Toastrack A heavy toast-rack with complex gadrooned borders, London 1825 by Joseph Angell, crested with a demi-eagle, in beak a rose.
Price: £625.00
Epergne basket A neo-classical epergne basket, by Thomas Pitts London circa 1770 .
Price: £425.00
Coffee pot An Old Sheffield Plate coffee pot, circa 1760, with four pseudo-hallmarks (attributed to Fenton, Creswick and Company or possibly Tudor and Company), crested on both sides with a dove holding an olive branch.
Sweetmeat basket A navette-shaped sweetmeat basket with bright-cut and pierced decoration, by William Abdy London 1794 (also marked with a lion passant on the handle) .
Pair sugar crushers A pair of sugar crushers, one Sheffield 1828 by Settle, Gumm and Co — the other probably by John Roberts, Mosley and Settle of Sheffield, both similarly initialled {R}.
Price: £385.00
Old Sheffield Plate Dish ring circa 1785

An Old Sheffield Plate dish ring with fluted body and pierced borders, circa 1785.

Examples of similar design can be found on page 281 of Bradbury's Old Sheffield Plate (1906) and figure 171 of Gordon Crosskey's Old Sheffield Plate (2014) .

pair of counter trays Sheffield 1801 Thomas Lambourne A George III pair of silver gaming counter trays, by Thomas Lambourne Sheffield 1800, initialled {CL} .
double egg cup London 1824 Sebastian Crespell Earl Poulett

A George III double-ended egg cup, by Sebastian Crespell London 1824, crested for John Poulett, 5th Earl Poulett (1783-1864) .
Price: £285.00

John Poulett, 5th Earl Poulett (1783-1864) was educated at Harrow and Brasenose College, Oxford. He later held several positions in the Somerset Militia. In 1809, it was reported in the Gentleman's Magazine that he had married "the sister of Mrs. Farquharson" at Weymouth (although there seem to be no other references to this marriage) and in 1820 he married the Hon. Charlotte Portman at the British Embassy in Paris. He inherited the Earldom of Paulet in 1819, shortly before his second marriage, and is notable for being one of the 22 stalwarts who voted against the 3rd reading of the Reform Bill in 1832.

3 egg cups available

Snuffer tray A navette-shaped snuffer tray with threaded border, by Peter Ann and William Bateman London 1804 (assayed between 30th May and 10th October), engraved {WB to EB}.
Price: £275.00
Napkin clip A napkin clip with needle-point carefully encased in a folding holder fully marked for Sheffield 1908 by Charles William Fletcher with Registration number 520103.
Price: £245.00
Napkin ring An Australian napkin ring with birds and a butterfly maker J.M. Wendt, Adelaide and Broken Hill circa 1890.
Price: £220.00
Egg cup A China Trade egg-cup, Canton circa 1830 by P, crested with an arm holding a fusil.
Price: £220.00
Victorian egg cup engraved body beaded borders Edinburgh 1879 possibly William Marshall A Victorian egg cup with beaded rim and foot, made in Edinburgh in 1879, probably by William Marshall, crested for Robertson and Forbes (possibly for Forbes-Robertson) .
Price: £195.00
Egg cup An egg cup, by T? London 1827.
Price: £195.00
Pair napkin rings A cased pair of napkin rings by Charles Stewart Harris, London 1889 initialled EDL and JDL in monograms.
Price: £195.00
engraved fluted buttershell Sheffield 1894 Martin Hall and Company A Victorian silver fluted shell dish with engraved decoration and dolphin feet, assayed in Sheffield in 1894 by Martin, Hall and Company.
Price: £185.00
Pair inscribed napkin rings A pair of French cased napkin rings, engine-turned and inscribed MONSIEUR and MADAME. Maker V over D in a lozenge with sausage between, each engraved on the inside '23 Juin 1887', the original case by F. Ducot, Bordeaux.
Price: £180.00
Pair napkin rings A pair of heavy napkin rings by C. H. Cheshire, Birmingham 1881, the contemporary case by W.C. Travers,jeweller, silversmith and optician of Southport (retailer).
Price: £165.00
Pair napkin rings A pair of napkin rings with piercing and engraved decoration by C. Cheshire, Birmingham, 1888 initialled R.
Price: £150.00
Sugar crushers A sugar crusher with twisted stem, by Samuel Harwood Sheffield 1895, engraved "Mrs. Dunn from Charlie Stratford" .
Price: SOLD
Pair butter shells A pair of Old Sheffield Plate buttershells, circa 1780, crested with a dragon .
Menu holder A Royal Assurance menu-holder by HCF Ltd, London 1919.
Price: £130.00
Pair napkin rings A pair of napkin-rings engraved with stylised fronds and flowers by Archer, Martin and Marsh, Sheffield 1907, one initialled EWT.
Price: £120.00
Napkin ring An engine-turned napkin ring London, 1873 by William Evans crested with a stork, in beak a sprig.
Napkin ring A napkin ring engraved with flowers by Briddon Bros, London 1881.
Price: £75.00
Napkin ring A napkin ring engraved with 2 parallel bands of decoration between 2 rows of dots by Gibson and Langmann, London 1886.
Price: £58.00