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Queen Anne pair of snuffer scissors London 1702 John Fawdery A Queen Anne pair of scissor type candle snuffers, made in London in 1702 by John Fawdery (also struck with maker's mark twice on the cover) initialled {HB} and engraved with a scratchweight of 2 oz 18 dwt.
Price: £1995.00
George II cruet frame 2 associated bottles Samuel Wood London 1728 WY A George II cruet stand with associated glass bottles, the stand by Samuel Wood London 1728 and the bottle lids by WY (unidentified).
Price: £1500.00
George III Rectangular snuffer tray London 1763 Ebenezer Coker

A George III rectangular snuffer tray made in London in 1763 by Ebenezer Coker, engraved with the original scratch weight of 9 Troy Ounces 15 dwt..
Price: £950.00


Pierced basket A pierced circular silver basket with floral borders and a swing handle, by John Figg London 1835 .
Price: £850.00
Toastrack A heavy toast-rack with complex gadrooned borders, London 1825 by Joseph Angell, crested with a demi-eagle, in beak a rose.
Price: £625.00
Victorian table bell London 1892 Francis Boone Thomas A Victorian table bell, by Francis Boone Thomas London 1892 .
Epergne basket A neo-classical epergne basket, by Thomas Pitts London circa 1770 .
Price: £425.00
Pair sugar crushers A pair of sugar crushers, one Sheffield 1828 by Settle, Gumm and Co — the other probably by John Roberts, Mosley and Settle of Sheffield, both similarly initialled {R}.
George V toastrack lyre handles Sheffield 1917 James Dixon and Sons

A George V toast rack with lyre handles made in Sheffield in 1917 by James Dixon and Sons.

Price: £350.00



Pair Victorian menu holders London 1895 William Richard Corke Schroder

A Victorian pair of menu or place card holders made in London in 1895 by William Richard Corke, crested for Baron Sir John Schroder (1825-1910).
Price: £345.00

John Henry William Schroder (1825-1910) was the fourth of twelve children of Heinrich, Baron Schroder (1784-1883). The Schroder family were one of the leading merchant concerns in Hamburg and by the early nineteenth century had established both trading and banking links with Great Britain. In 1841 John Henry William Schroder joined his father's firm in London and watched it rise in importance. By the 1870s and 1880s John Henry William was taking a lead in the business and, among many important commercial transactions, he also began the family collection of renaissance silver and objects.

John Henry William was a prominent philanthropist (one obituary commented that John Henry William ''gave more in charity than all the rest of the Germans in this country put together'). He was also a prominent art collector, his collection raising £138,000 in 1910, and horticulturalist, winning three Royal Horticultural Society gold medals and ten silver medals between 1891 and 1904. He was entitled to the use the title Baron or Freiherr through his descent from Heinrich, Baron Schroder but in 1892 he was also created an English Baronet. On his death in 1910 Baron Sir John Schroder of the Dell (his baronetcy taking the name of his estate in Britain) the value of his estate was just over £2,000,000.

double egg cup London 1824 Sebastian Crespell Earl Poulett

A George III double-ended egg cup, by Sebastian Crespell London 1824, crested for John Poulett, 5th Earl Poulett (1783-1864) .
Price: £285.00

John Poulett, 5th Earl Poulett (1783-1864) was educated at Harrow and Brasenose College, Oxford. He later held several positions in the Somerset Militia. In 1809, it was reported in the Gentleman's Magazine that he had married "the sister of Mrs. Farquharson" at Weymouth (although there seem to be no other references to this marriage) and in 1820 he married the Hon. Charlotte Portman at the British Embassy in Paris. He inherited the Earldom of Paulet in 1819, shortly before his second marriage, and is notable for being one of the 22 stalwarts who voted against the 3rd reading of the Reform Bill in 1832.

3 egg cups available

Snuffer tray A navette-shaped snuffer tray with threaded border, by Peter Ann and William Bateman London 1804 (assayed between 30th May and 10th October), engraved {WB to EB}.
Price: £275.00
George V dish ring London 1929 Pairpoint Brothers

A small (base diameter 11cm) pierced dish ring, by Pairpoint Brothers London 1929 .
Price: £245.00

The firm that became Pairpoint Brothers was founded in 1848 by Edward Pairpoint who had worked for the leading retailer Lambert's. It continued in the family until the mid twentieth century. The Watchmaker, Jeweller and Silversmiths' Trade Journal of February 1937 commented of the firm that:

Of the place occupied by the four brothers Pairpoint in the silver world ... little is necessary to be said for their silver mark ... may be seen in every retail silver merchants window in London. It is admitted on all sides by experts, sometimes with a sigh of regret, sometimes with a grin of malice, that "Pairpoint" copies of ancient patterns are dangerously near being indistinguishable from the originals, whilst their new manufactures carry one back to the days when the master silversmiths employed the first artists of the day to assist them in their productions "devised in love and cunningly."

George III Old Sheffield Plate sugar basket 1780 A George III Old Sheffield Plate sugar basket with foliate and pierced decoration, c. 1780.
Price: £220.00
Napkin ring An Australian napkin ring with birds and a butterfly maker J.M. Wendt, Adelaide and Broken Hill circa 1890.
Price: £220.00
George III Old Sheffield Plate mazarin circa 1790

A George III Old Sheffield Plate mazarin (49 cm wide) with tinned underside, circa 1790.

Price: £195.00

Gordon Crosskey notes on page 234 of his 2011 Old Sheffield Plate: A History of the 18th century plated trade that 'plated [mazarins] of any period are very rare items. Indeed, the S[heffield] A[ssay] O[ffice] books , at least up until 1800, do not record any being made in silver , hence it is likely that few , if any, plated examples were made by Sheffield firms'. Crosskey found that Parker and Wakelin of London had sold two plated mazarins in 1773 (one for £3 3s and one for £2 12s 6d) and illustrates one mazarin by Matthew Boulton with a tinned underside and two examples from the first quarter of the nineteenth century.

Victorian egg cup engraved body beaded borders Edinburgh 1879 possibly William Marshall A Victorian egg cup with beaded rim and foot, made in Edinburgh in 1879, probably by William Marshall, crested for Robertson and Forbes (possibly for Forbes-Robertson) .
Price: £195.00
Egg cup An egg cup, by T? London 1827.
Price: £195.00
Pair napkin rings A cased pair of napkin rings by Charles Stewart Harris, London 1889 initialled EDL and JDL in monograms.
Price: £195.00
engraved fluted buttershell Sheffield 1894 Martin Hall and Company A Victorian silver fluted shell dish with engraved decoration and dolphin feet, assayed in Sheffield in 1894 by Martin, Hall and Company.
Price: £185.00
Pair inscribed napkin rings A pair of French cased napkin rings, engine-turned and inscribed MONSIEUR and MADAME. Maker V over D in a lozenge with sausage between, each engraved on the inside '23 Juin 1887', the original case by F. Ducot, Bordeaux.
Price: £180.00
Pair napkin rings A pair of heavy napkin rings by C. H. Cheshire, Birmingham 1881, the contemporary case by W.C. Travers,jeweller, silversmith and optician of Southport (retailer).
Price: £165.00
Pair napkin rings A pair of napkin rings with piercing and engraved decoration by C. Cheshire, Birmingham, 1888 initialled R.
Price: £150.00
George III Old Sheffield Plate fruit basket cica 1810 A George III Old Sheffield Plate fruit basket with swing handle and shell ends, c. 1810 .
Price: £135.00
Menu holder A Royal Assurance menu-holder by HCF Ltd, London 1919.
Price: £130.00
Pair napkin rings A pair of napkin-rings engraved with stylised fronds and flowers by Archer, Martin and Marsh, Sheffield 1907, one initialled EWT.
Price: £120.00
George III Old Sheffield Plate serving dish toaster 1800 Astley A George III Old Sheffield Plate heated serving dish or toasted cheese dish with bracket for a detachable handle, circa 1800, crested for Astley .
Price: £110.00
George III knife rest London 1811 A George III knife rest, made in London in 1811 by an unknown maker .
Price: £75.00
Napkin ring A napkin ring engraved with flowers by Briddon Bros, London 1881.
Price: £75.00
Napkin ring A napkin ring engraved with 2 parallel bands of decoration between 2 rows of dots by Gibson and Langmann, London 1886.
Price: £58.00