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Fiddle pattern plated stuffingspoon Steamer Forfarshire sunk 1838 Grace Darling

A Victorian SILVER PLATED fiddle pattern stuffing spoon, with apparently unrecorded marks engraved STEAMER FORFARSHIRE .
Price: £1950.00
The Steamer Forfarshire was wrecked on the Farne Islands during a storm on September 5th 1838 and it was only due to the quick action of the keeper at Longstone Lighthouse, William Darling, and his 23 year old daughter Grace that the very few survivors were rescued. Although she died of tuberculosis only 4 years later she had become a national heroine (winning the first silver medal to be issued by the future Royal National Lifeboat Institute in 1838). In 1854 the Grace Darling pub in Melbourne was named in her honour and is still trading today- as one of the longest established hostelries in the city.

Intriguingly the newspapers of the time reported the finding of 'silver spoons' in the water after the wreck and that an auction of the boat and it's contents was held in October 1838 (raising £500- significantly more than expected- as people bought souvenirs). Sadly it is not possible to be certain how this spoon (identical to one in the Grace Darling Museum at Alnmouth) has survived. Further details are available here.

Stuffing spoon A very good hook-end stuffing spoon with bright-cut decoration, Cork circa 1790 by Carden Terry initialled [GJ].
Price: £1,800.00
Basting spoon A large Hanoverian basting spoon with double knop by William Soame, London 1733 crested with 2 flags out of a coronet for CALVERT.
Price: £1,250.00
Basting spoon A Hanoverian pattern basting spoon by Benjamin Cartwright, London 1739 initialled E*W.
Price: £975.00
Serving fork An Old English serving fork, by John Hampston and John Prince York 1795, crested with a snake grasping a laurel wreath.
Price: £925.00
George III divided spoon Dublin 1793 Michael Keating A George III Celtic point strainer spoon with divider and bright-cut engraving (also extending along the top of the divider) and unusual floral decoration above the cartouche, by Michael Keating Dublin 1793 .
Price: SOLD
George III Fiddle pattern divided spoon Dublin 1811 Richard Sawyer Matthew West crest Elliott Rathcrogue County Carlow A George III Fiddle pattern stuffing spoon with integral divider, by Richard Sawyer Dublin 1811, crested for Elliott of Rathcrogue, County Carlow and initialled {E} on the heel .
Price: £495.00
George III Hourglass serving fork London 1813 Eley Fearn A George III hourglass pattern salad or serving fork with Union shell heel, by Eley, Fearn and Chawner London 1809, crested with a corn stook .
Price: £495.00
2 Stuffing spoons A pair of Old English stuffing spoons by Richard Crossley, London 1796 crested with a demi-stag rearing.
George II Hanoverian Thread Drop stuffing spoon Lamerie pattern London 1758 William Chawner A Hanoverian Thread Shell and Drop pattern (sometimes called Lamerie pattern) stuffing spoon, by WC (probably William Chawner I) London 1758.
Price: £345.00
Stuffing spoon A stuffingspoon with Onslow pattern finial by George Smith and William Fearn London 1794, crested with a cubit arm holding a cutlass .
Price: £335.00
George III Old English Thread stuffing spoon Dublin 1788 Isaac Davis A George III Old English thread stuffing spoon, by Isaac Davis Dublin 1788, crested with a lion's head couped (probably for Smyth) .
Price: £325.00
George III Old English stuffing spoon twist stem London 2768 Thomas William Chawner A George III Old English pattern stuffing spoon with feather-edge borders and a short band of feather-edging across the stem (simulating a twisted stem) , by Thomas and William Chawner London 1768, initialled {REW} .
Price: £295.00
George III Old English Feather-edge salad fork London 1783 George Smith A George III Old English pattern salad fork with feather-edge borders, by George Smith London 1783 .
Price: £295.00
Stuffing spoon A fiddle pattern stuffing spoon, Malta 1833 by an unrecorded maker.
Price: £295.00
Old English pattern stuffingspoon Newcastle 1788 Langlands Robertson An Old English stuffing spoon, by Langlands and Robertson Newcastle 1788, initialled {PA} .
Price: £295.00
Pair serving spoons A pair of serving spoons, the handles with stylised chinoiserie motifs by T. Wilkinson, Birmingham 1884.
Price: £295.00
kings pattern stuffingspoon London 1824 William Bateman II A George III King's pattern stuffing spoon with Union shell heel, by William Bateman II London 1824, initialled {K} .
George III Old English stuffing spoon London 1785 Richard Crossley Lawes family Serjeant

A George III Old English stuffing spoon, by Richard Crossley London 1785, initialled EBL within a garter for Edward Bowen Lawes (1849-1913) and inscribed on the reverse 'The Gift of his Grandfather Serjeant Lawes' .
Price: £275.00

Edward Bowen Lawes (1849-1913), a solicitor and Commissioner of Oaths according the 1891, 1901 censuses, followed a family calling to the law. His grandfather, (Edward Hobson) Vitruvius Lawes (1781-1849) had been created a 'Serjeant-at-Law' in 1819.

This elite group of barristers was established prior to 1154 (making it the earliest recorded Royal Order). By the 17th Century the dominance of the Serjeants in the Courts of King's Bench and Chancery had been weakened but it was only in 1846 that non-Serjeants were allowed to practice in the Court of Common Pleas. It took until 1875 when a non-serjeant could be appointed a Common Law Judge and in social terms a Serjeant was ranked higher than a Companion of the Order of the Bath or a Knight. However the nineteenth century had seen such a dilution of their power and pre-eminence that after 1876 no new Serjeants were created. Their Inn of Court was sold in 1877 and the Order ended on the death of the last member, Lord Justice Lindley (1828-1921), who had been elected in 1875.

Stuffing spoon A bright-cut stuffing spoon, by Charles Hougham, London 1789, initialled {H}.
Price: £275.00
A Victorian Fiddle pattern stuffing spoon Newcastle 1856 David Reid William Ker Reid

A Victorian Old English pattern stuffing spoon, by David Reid Newcastle 1856, engraved with an initial B and 'IN MEMORY OF W. K. REID II OB. 27th May 1855' .
Price: £245.00

The memorial on this inscription relates to William Ker Reid II (1832-1855). Reid was the twelfth child and seventh son of London goldsmith William Ker Reid I (1787-1868) and Mary Barnard (1792-1845), daughter of London goldsmith Edward Barnard I. W. K. Reid II was also the nephew of David Reid, who made this spoon, twice over. Brothers William Ker Reid I and David Reid both married the daughters of Edward Barnard I.

William Ker Reid II was born at Breams Buildings in Middlesex on 18th May 1832 and apprenticed to his elder brother Edward on 6th May 1846 through the Goldsmiths' Company in London but never claimed his Freedom. In the 1851 census he is recorded in Newcastle in the household of his aunt Margaret Spence (nee Reid) at the Double Baths in Northumberland Street and his death is recorded in 1855 at Hastings, Sussex.

The significance of the initial B on this spoon is not certain- it could relate to the original recipient or to a contraction of William to Bill.

George III Fiddle pattern stuffing spoon Newcastle 1808 Dorothy Langlands cockatrice A George III fiddle pattern stuffing spoon, by Dorothy Langlands Newcastle 1808, crested with a cockatrice on a crest coronet. .
Price: £225.00
Stuffing spoon A fiddle pattern basting spoon, Exeter 1837 by W. R. Sobey, initialled {EIT}.
Price: £225.00
Fiddle pattern serving fork pierced Chester 1882 John Lowe A Victorian fiddle pattern serving fork with pierced reserve above the tines by John Lowe Chester 1882, crested with a horse's head .
Price: £195.00