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George III triangular pierced bladed fish slice London1775 Thomas Daniell

A George III Old English pattern fish slice with feather-edged borders and a pierced triangular blade made in London in 1775 by Thomas Daniell.
Price: £1150.00


George IV Fiddle pattern fish slice York 1828 Town mark

A George IV Fiddle pattern fish slice made in York in 1828 (struck with a town mark) by Barber, Cattle and North, initialled S on both the front and the reverse of the stem.
Price: £1100.00

The striking of the York town mark on smaller objects, especially flatware, is unusual.

Provenance: A. B. L. Dove FSA.

serving tongs A pair of serving tongs with tines, by Robert Urquhart London 1800, the handle also London 1800 by Moses Brent.
Price: £795.00
Fish slice A massive King's pattern fishslice by Thomas Death, London 1824.
Price: £425.00
Victorian Fiddle Thread asparagus tongs London 1844 William Eaton

A Victorian pair of fiddle thread asparagus tongs, made by William Eaton in London in 1844 (also marked with a lion passant on the bar), crested with an arm holding a scroll .


George IV Rose pattern fish slice London 1831 Lias A George IV Rose pattern fish slice, by the Lias Brothers London 1831, initialled {REE} .
Victorian Hourglass fish servers London 1860 Hayne Cater A pair of hourglass pattern fish-servers, by Samuel Hayne and Dudley Cater London 1860, crested with a horse's head and initialled {JD}.
Price: £345.00
George IV/Victorian King's pattern fish slice London 1822 1837 Hayne Cater unusual construction Woolaston

A George IV/Victorian King's pattern fish slice made in London in 1822 and with a blade added in 1837 by Hayne and Cater (part marked as an addition to an existing piece). The handle is crested for Wollaston and the blade is engraved with the arms of Wollaston impaling another.
Price: £325.00

This fish slice is an unusual example of adherence to the law that pieces added to an existing one needed to be hallmarked. There is a joint in the handle that can just be seen on the back but it has been extremely skilfully engineered. It is only possible to assume that a member of the Wollaston family prized this fish slice highly enough that when the blade became damaged, or it was desired to celebrate the marriage in the arms, the handle was retained rather than just ordering a new one.

Provenance: Collection of A. B. L. Dove FSA

Victorian King's pattern fish slice London 1844 A King's pattern fish slice, by William Eaton London 1844, crested with a dragon's head out of a coronet.
Price: £295.00
Fish slice A fiddle pattern kidney-shaped fishslice with reeded blade and bobbly piercing by Stephen Adams, London 1811.
Price: £240.00
Edward VIII Celtic point bright cut slice Birmingham 1936 William Hair Haseler An Edward VIII Celtic point small slice or orange peeler with Irish Bright-cut decoration, by William Hair Haseler Birmingham 1936, crested with a lion passant .
George III Old Sheffield Plate fish slice circa 1770 An Old Sheffield Plate fish slice with pierced blade and beaded handle, circa 1790 .