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Sugar basket An unusually heavy swing-handled sugar basket with bright-cut decoration made in London in 1796 by ?S .
Price: £950.00
George III sugar basket London 1795 William Abdy Sir James Sanderson Baronet

A sugar basket with shaped foot and threaded border, by William Abdy London 1795 (also marked with a lion passant on the handle), engraved with the crest and armorial of Sir James Sanderson, 1st and only Baronet of the City of London (1741-1798) .
Sir James Sanderson, 1st and only Baronet of the City of London, was born in York in 1741 and moved to the City of London in the early 1770s where he traded in hops. By 1785, he was both an Alderman and Sherriff. In 1792, at the height of the fears caused by the French Revolution, he was elected Lord Mayor of London. In the same year as his mayoralty, he was also elected one of the Members of Parliament for Malmesbury. He received his Baronetcy in 1794.

Sanderson's wider interests included his membership of the anti-slavery campaigner, William Wilberforce's Society of the Proclamation for the discouragement of Vice (founded in 1787) and the Philanthropic Society (founded in 1788). He also served as vice-president of the Magdalen Hospital and President of the Bridewell Hospital where he is acknowledged to have played a transformative role in its development. He served as Colonel of the 2nd London Militia (1793-1794) and the West London Militia (1794-1796).

Sanderson died in 1798 without a male heir leaving a widow and a daughter- thus there was no second Baronet.  His widow became involved with William Huntington (1745-1813) and married him in 1806 (when both were free to do so).  Huntington was a coal heaver who following a revelation in 1773 became a preacher and self professed prophet- he went on to found several chapels in London, Sussex, the East Midlands and Bristol.

Through his daughter Elizabeth Sanderson was grandfather to Sir John Scott Sanderson-Burdon Baronet (1828-1895)- a scientist who reported on Penicillin in 1871.
 salver A double gadrooned salver, by William Bennett London 1809 on pedestal feet.
Price: £695.00
Salver A 7-inch salver shaped and beaded with embossed swags on 3 ball-and-claw feet by John Carter II (probably), London 1773 initialled HCT.
Price: £660.00
George II Waiter shell border London 1742 John Robinson A George II waiter with shell border and hoof feet, by John Robinson London 1742, crested with an arm in armour holding a dagger .
Price: £595.00
 salver A beaded and bright-engraved salver on 3 moulded panelled feet by E. C. Brown, London 1876.
Price: £475.00
Teapot stand A shaped teapot stand on ball and claw feet with bright-cut decoration, by Henry Green (overstamping Charles Aldridge) London 1786, crested with a martlet holding a cross crosslet fitchy .
Price: £445.00
Spoon tray A shaped spoon tray with engraved decoration and central crest by Thomas James and Nathaniel Creswick, Sheffield 1841 crested with a stork on a column laid sideways, with fleur-de-lys.
Price: £425.00
George III swing handled sugr basket bright-cut London 1796 Hennell A George III Swing handled sugar basket with bright-cut decoration, by Robert and David Hennell London 1796 (also marked on the handle with a lion passant), initialled {WER} .
Price: £395.00
Teapot stand An oval bright-cut teapot stand, London 1799 and initialled {PHC}.
Price: £340.00
Butter shell A butter-shell, London 1843, by Robert Garrard.
Price: £340.00
Sugar basin A beaded and engraved Victorian sugar-basin - diameter 12 cms., by Fedwick Brasted, London 1868.
Price: £320.00
Sugar basket A swing-handled circular sugar basket with bright-cut decoration, by Martin Hall and Company 1867, fully marked.
Price: £275.00