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 Miniature portrait

An enamelled portrait miniature of a young girl circa 1750 in an associated red leather box.
Price: £750.00

                                                             The fineness and style of the painting show the influence of C. F. Zincke.

Aide-memoire An 'aide-memoire' engraved with Crystal Palace on the front and curlicues to the rear, Birmingham circa 1851, by Wheeler and Cronin.
Price: £595.00
Gold mourning ring

A gold mourning ring by Thomas Mayfield London 1806, engraved "SARAH HARRISON . OB: 25.AUG:1806.  AE 25"
Price: £425.00
Thomas Mayfield registered his mark in 1790 and appears in Grimwade. According to the Old Bailey records, he stocked rings in 1817 (when one of them was stolen)

Diamond shovel A diamond shovel by Heath and Middleton, Birmingham 1903 also incised '13079'.
Price: £375.00
Brass telescope A collapsible leather-encased brass telescope for rifle-mounting by Steward, 406 Strand, London No 270, with presentation plaque to Q.W.R.V, No 8. (Broadwood) Company, 1st Ladies Prize. Sergeant A. Anderson, 13th Augt 1862
Price: £375.00
Magnifier A mother-of-pearl cased magnifying glass with silver mounts, circa 1760.
Price: £375.00
Silver key

A silver key (engraved Chubb's patent), by Robert Marshman London 1879 .
Price: £350 .00
                                                                                                   In 1817, following a burglary in Portsmouth Dockyard, the British Government announced a competition to produce a lock that was openable only by its own key. In 1818 Jeremiah, Chubb produced a design and won the £100 prize that had been offered. The firm later had exclusive contracts with both the British Post Office and prisons and designed the case for the Koh-i-Noor diamond at the Great Exhibition in 1851. Chubb locks were also mentioned twice in Sherlock Holmes, in "A Scandal in Bohemia" and "The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez", and in both cases the inability to pick a Chubb lock is key to solving the case.

Double-ended whistle A double-ended whistle, by Sampson Mordan & Company London 1899 .
Price: £350.00
 Handbag with silver frame A silver handbag frame chased with patterns and florets by SM (device below), Amsterdam 1840.
Price: £295.00
 Miniature clothes brush

A miniature clothes brush with silver top, by Thomas and James Phipps London 1820.
Price: £290.00

 Cigarette case

A cigarette case with applied gold crest, by E. H. Stockwell London 1887, crested for BARING.
Price: £275.00

 Miniature portrait A portrait miniature of Bahadur Shah II circa 1850
Price: £250.00
                                                              Bahadur Shah II (1775-1862) was the last Mughal emperor of India from 1837-1857.
 Toothbrush cover An engine-turned toothbrush cover with hinged lid, by Thomas Johnson London 1880, also initialled {DTB}.
Price: £250.00
 Bookmark A bookmark in the form of the Prince of Wales feathers, London 1886.
Price: £250.00
 silver combination lock A 19th century silver combination cylinder-lock probably Middle Eastern, unmarked circa 1880.
Price: £225.00
 whistle A cylindrical whistle, by Sampson Mordan & Company London 1899 .
Price: £185.00
 whistle A cylindrical whistle, by Sampson Mordan & Company London 1893 .
Price: £185.00
 Russian purse A Russian purse of silver mesh on a floral frame in the English manner Moscow 1825-1827 by unknown maker EE (Cyrillic).
Price: £180.00
Pipe tamper
A pipe-tamper with ring handle and seal-end inscribed 'B. Morin' by William Key, London circa 1800.
Price: £175.00
 chain purse A chain purse with engraved silver clasp, by Matthew Linwood Birmingham 1814.
Price: £135.00
Magnifier A magnifying glass, circa 1800.
Price: £95.00
 Soap dish A glass soap dish or dressing table box with engine-turned silver lid, by Brownett and Jones, London 1879 (retailed by P and F. Schafer), engraved with a continental armorial.
Price: £75.00
manicure implement A silver-gilt manicure implement, London 1875 by Frederic Purnell, initialled {CW}.
Price: £45.00