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medicine spoon 1884 London Aspreys A Victorian medicine spoon, by Charles Asprey and Charles Asprey Junior London 1884 .
Price: £225.00
Medicine spoon A medicine spoon, London 1872 by Henry Holland.
Price: £225.00
silver catheter London 1863 George Carsbery retalier Maw

A Victorian silver catheter, by George Carsberg in London in 1863, retailed by Maw of London .
Price: £155.00

George Carsberg started his business as a specialist surgical instrument maker in London in around 1847 and the firm continued into the second half of the twentieth century. The retailer Maw was founded in 1807 and were one of the leading surgical instrument suppliers (including supplying the British Government) — the firm is still extant as part of Norcros Limited.

Perfume funnel A reeded perfume funnel with plated end, unmarked circa 1800.
Price: £45.00