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Hand shaped caddyspoon London 1807 Josiah Snatt A caddyspoon modelled as a hand (with simulated engraved fingernails), by Josiah Snatt London 1807 .
Price: £795.00
Ballater caddyspoon 1918 Scottish Royal arms Balmoral William Robb

A George V caddy spoon impressed with the Royal Arms of Scotland and thistles on the stem and a depiction of Balmoral in the bowl, by William Robb of Ballater hallmarked in Edinburgh in 1918 .

The Aberdeenshire burgh of Ballater is only 7 miles from the estate at Balmoral that was purchased by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1848 (and still is the monarch's private home in Scotland). The increase in the number of visitors to the area, following the trend set by the Royal family, lead to an increase in local prosperity. William Robb, who had had a shop in Inverness, set up a shop in Ballater in 1880. His links with the Royal family were such that in 1903 William Robb was commissioned to make the original silver accoutrements for the Balmoral Highlanders (a private regiment drawn from among the staff on the Balmoral estate).

Fiddle pattern caddyspoon fluted and shell bowl London 1817 Walter Williams II A fiddle pattern caddyspoon with fluted bowl impressed with a shell, by Walter Williams II London 1817, crested with a demi lion rampant holding a cross .
Price: £325.00
Silver caddy spoon A pierced and engraved caddy spoon by George Brasier, London 1794 initialled {CR} and {AW} finely on back of bowl.
Price: Sold
George III Onslow caddyspoon Thomas Northcote London 1790 A George III caddyspoon with Onslow pattern finial by Thomas Northcote London 1790, initialled {TMH} .
Price: £285.00
Sugar spoon

A fiddle pattern sugar spoon, by George Lowe Chester 1827, initialled {W}.
Price: £230.00

Unusually, there is apparently no reference to this piece in the published transcripts of the Chester Duty Book which listed every item on which duty was paid (see Ridgway volume 3)

Caddyspoon everted bowl London 1812 Thomas James A George III engraved caddyspoon with reverse bowl and three small pips at one end, by Thomas James London 1812 .
Price: £225.00
Caddy spoon An engraved fiddle pattern caddyspoon with 'bat-wing' bowl, by Lawrence and Company Birmingham 1824 .
Price: £225.00
Caddy spoon A 'cartouche' pattern caddyspoon, by the Lias Brothers London 1849, crested for Compton.
Price: £210.00
Caddy spoon A brightcut caddyspoon, by Richard Crossley London 1787 .
Price: £195.00
Caddy spoon A brightcut caddyspoon, by Thomas Wallis London 1801 .
Price: £180.00
Bright-cut caddyspoon Birmingham 1809 John Betteridge

A George III bright-cut caddyspoon with shaped square bowl, by John Betteridge Birmingham 1818 .
Price: £175.00


Caddy spoon A caddyspoon with wrigglework border and fig-shaped bowl, by George Brasier London 1790, initialled {S}.
Price: £175.00
Caddy spoon A feather-edge caddy spoon with shell bowl, by Thomas Chawner London circa 1770.
Caddy spoon A bright-cut caddyspoon with fluted bowl, by Richard Crossley (overstriking another maker ?B), London 1783.
Price: £165.00
Caddy spoon A bright-cut caddyspoon, by Thomas Wallis London 1804 .
Price: £145.00
George III Brightcut caddyspoon London 1792 A George III bright-cut caddyspoon, London 1792 possibly by Thomas Wallis.
Price: £135.00
George III shovel caddyspoon Birmingham 1808 Samuel Pemberton A George III shovel shaped caddyspoon with bone handle, by Samuel Pemberton Birmingham 1808 .
Price: £135.00
Caddy spoon

A brightcut caddy spoon with fluted bowl, by William Sumner and Richard Crossley London circa 1780, initialled {IGS} .
Price: £135.00

Caddy spoon A King's variant pattern caddyspoon with shaped bowl, by John Betteridge Birmingham 1820.
Price: £135.00
Honey spoon bee hive Sheffield 1997 A honeyspoon with beaded stem and bee hive terminal, made in Sheffield in 1997 by HC.
Price: £125.00
A Dutch fiddle-thread pattern caddy spoon or medicine spoon Amsterdam 1843 by 'crowned H in a rectangle'.
Price: £125.00
Caddy spoon A fish-tailed silver caddyspoon with oval bowl, by Huttons Limited Sheffield 1917 .
Price: £120.00
Caddy spoon A caddy spoon with acorn bowl, by Thomas Bradbury and Son assayed at Sheffield in 1915 .
Price: £120.00
Caddy spoon A caddy spoon with shaped handle and bowl, by John Blake London 1806 .
Price: £120.00
Caddy spoon A Victoria pattern caddyspoon/sugarspoon, by Samuel Hayne and Dudley Cater London 1839, crested with a dexter arm holding a grenade and a horse passant .
Price: £110.00
Sugar spoon A fiddle pattern shovel-shaped caddyspoon, Exeter 1839 by W. R. Sobey.
Price: £110.00
honey spoon Sheffield 1974 Payne and Sons engraved with a bee An Elizabeth II honeyspoon of conventional form, by Payne and Sons (of Oxford) Sheffield 1974, engraved with a bee.
Price: £90.00
A fiddle-thread caddy spoon by Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1823 initialled {SS} on back of handle.
Price: £88.00
Jam spoon

A fiddle thread jamspoon, by Elizabeth Eaton London 1855, engraved with the arms of F. W. H. Cavendish (1820-1893) and his wife Lady Eleanor Fitzgibbon (died 1915). .

In 1856 Francis William Henry Cavendish (1820-1893), grandson of the Earl of Burlington and 1st cousin of the 7th Duke of Devonshire, married Lady Eleanor Sophia Diana Fitzgibbon (1835-1915), 4th child and youngest daughter of the 3rd Earl of Clare. They divorced 10 years later following her affair with Lord Cecil Gordon, the husband of her half sister. Both Francis Cavendish and Lady Elinor later remarried, he to Ianthe Skyring (1855-1917) and she to Jules Victor Paul Pellet (1818-1893).

George V Feather edge honey spoon London 1936 Roberts and Belk A George V honeyspoon of conventional form with feather-edged border, by Roberts and Belk Sheffield 1936 by Roberts and Belk (accompanied by a Registered Design number and trademark symbol), initialled {A} .
Price: £75.00
Jam spoon A fiddle pattern sugarspoon, by Henry Harrison London 1871, and initialled {F} .
Price: £75.00
Jam spoon A fiddle thread jam spoon, by Henry Harrison London 1853, crested with a tree .
Price: £75.00
Edward VII jamspoon Sheffield 1902 James Dixon and Sons crest Whiteley An Edward VII jamspoon with reversed bowl, by James Dixon and Sons Sheffield 1902, crested for Whiteley.
Price: £70.00
Jam spoon An engraved jamspoon Birmingham, 1884, George Unite.
Price: £70.00
An engraved jamspoon Birmingham, 1884, George Unite.
Price: £70.00
Beaded sugar spoon A bead-edge sugarspoon by George Adams, London 1867 faintly initialled {S}.
Price: £65.00