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Charles II silver button two hearts below a crown circa 1670

A Charles II silver sleeve button decorated with two hearts below a crown, circa 1670 .

This design is associated with the marriage of Charles II (1630-1685) and Catherine of Braganza (1638-1705) in 1662.

George III stock buckle snake Birmingham 1829 Taylor Perry A George IV stock or belt buckle chased as a snake, by Taylor and Perry Birmingham 1829 .
Price: £325.00
St. Andrews University Ladies Literate in Arts badge 1883

A Victorian Ladies Literate in Arts badge from St. Andrews University, by JC Edinburgh 1883, retailed by Christie and Kilpatrick, Edinburgh robe-makers to the University.
In 1877, St. Andrews became the first university in Scotland to admit women. It did so under a scheme called 'Ladies Literate in Arts' (LLA) that allowed women to study to degree level by distance-learning. The qualification covered a wide range of subjects, including geography, mathematics, moral philosophy, chemistry and fine art, as well as various ancient and modern languages. In 1881, Professor William Angus Knight, convener of the LLA committee, ensured exact parity with the MA taken by male students — having the same exam papers taken at the same time. In 1883, when this badge was made, academic dress was added to the LLA (a sash made from the same fabric and colours as the MA hood). In 1892, the University allowed the first female undergraduates to study for an MA but the LLA did not lose its appeal and was only discontinued in the 1930s.

Victorian badge horn shaped initials EAC archery club circa 1850

A Victorian badge in the form of a hunting horn surmounted by the initials EAC, unmarked circa 1850. .
Price: £195.00

The initials EAC on this horn suggest an archery club as many used horns in their regalia (an example of this is at Richmond in Yorkshire) . In this club a large horn was worn by the Lieutenant of the Company and sounded at the beginning of each contest. On page 269 of his Book of Archery (1840) George Agar Hansard lists a number of Societies of Modern Archers and the only one with the initials EAC are the Essex Archers whose prizes are listed as unknown.

5 George III buttons London 1766-1771 Jane Dorrell and Richard May

Five George III buttons (2 large and 3 small), by Jane Dorrell and Richard May London 1766-1771 .
Price: £195.00

William Dorrell married Jane Mitchell (d. 1792) in a clandestine marriage ceremony on 31st July 1739. Having been apprenticed to John Clarke in 1728 through the charity of the Cripplegate School in London Dorrell registered maker's marks in 1736, 1762, 1763 and 1764. His will was proved on 1st July 1766 , leaving small bequests to his close relatives and the majority to his wife, and on 22nd October 1766 his widow registered a maker's mark in partnership with William's former apprentice Richard May. This mark was used until 1771 when both partners registered marks alone.

Pair of cufflinks A pair of cuff-links each prick-initialled {HC} (or {CH}) by PP, maker's mark only, provincial.
Price: £185.00
Pair buckles A pair of gilt metal shoe buckles with sprung chapes struck with the maker's mark of Edward Fairbrother of London circa 1800.
Price: £170.00
buckle A small buckle with Celtic decoration, by William Robb of Ballater circa 1910.
Price: £145.00
buckle A silver buckle imitating cut steel, by John Faux of London circa 1775.
Price: £145.00
Pair floral buckles

A pair of buckles with floral decoration, made in Birmingham in 1841 and 1845 by Joseph Wilmore and Yapp and Woodward respectively.
Price: £145.00
 Although these buckles carry different maker's marks they were in fact produced by one company. Late in his working life Joseph Willmore went into partnership with Yapp and Woodward.

  A pair of silver collar studs by Joseph Willmore (with duty mark and lion) circa 1800
Price: £140.00
Elizabeth II nurse's buckle doves flames hearts London 1970 An Elizabeth II ornate two-part or nurse's buckle, the design featuring doves, flames and hearts, made in London in 1970 by SB in a shaped shield.
George III pair of breeches buckles Birmingham 1794 William Pugh A pair of George III breeches buckles (in later fitted box) made in Birmingham in 1794 by William Pugh .
Pair breeches buckles A pair of silver breeches buckles designed to imitate cut steel, by Joseph Willmore Birmingham 1826.
Price: £125.00
Victorian Nurse's buckle Birmingham 1899 Constantine Floyd A Victorian engraved nurse's buckle, Birmingham 1899 by Constantine and Floyd (it is marked on both halves of the body).
Price: £110.00
buckle A decorated buckle, by Hilliard and Thomasson Birmingham 1888 (also part marked on the chape).
Price: £110.00
buckle A buckle of unusual construction decorated with thistles, by Jennens and Company Birmingham 1854..
Price: £110.00
Brooch A brooch formed of two crosses, unmarked circa 1870 .
Price: £95.00
Belt buckle A silver belt-buckle set with panels of moss-agate, by Adie and Lovekin Birmingham 1902.
Price: £95.00
Victorian engraved nurse's buckle Birmingham 1899 Adie and Lovekin A Victorian nurse's buckle, by Adie and Lovekin Limited Birmingham 1899 (marked on both pieces and with a registered design number) .
Price: £85.00
Nurse's buckle A nurse's buckle, by William Aitken Birmingham 1901 (marked on both pieces).
Price: £85.00
Nurse's buckle A nurse's buckle, by RH&S Birmingham 1896 (marked on both pieces).
Price: £85.00
buckle An engraved two-part buckle, made by Adie and Lovekin in Birmingham in 1912 .
Price: £85.00
Luckenbooth Brooch A Luckenbooth brooch, by Ola M. Gorie (of Kirkwall, Orkney) assayed in Edinburgh in 1966 .
Victorian brooch Prince of Wales feathers circa 1862

A Victorian brooch in the form of the Prince of Wales feathers. unmarked circa 1863 .
Price: £80.00

The Prince of Wales is the title borne by the eldest son of the British sovereign (a title first granted to the future Edward II in 1284). When the future Edward VII was born in 1841 he was the first Prince of Wales born to a reigning sovereign since George IV in 1762. In 1861 the death of Prince Albert, (aged only 42) caused Queen Victoria's retreat from public duties leaving the 20 year old Prince of Wales at the centre of Court life. Edward married Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863 and this brooch is likely to have been produced around this time along with the piece of silk (not included) also decorated with the badge of the Prince of Wales.

Norwegian silver-gilt peasant brooch A Norwegian peasant brooch in the shape of a gilded heart with 5 suspended leaves; marked 826S and ME incuse, circa 1880.
Price: £75.00
buckle A beaded breeches buckle by George Bower, Birmingham 1813.
Price: £75.00
Child's buckle A child's or breeches buckle aping cut steel by George Bower, Birmingham 1814.
Price: £70.00
buckle A buckle, by William Turton London circa 1780 .
Price: £65.00
Brooch A brooch pin of Pictish design, by Ola M. Gorie (of Kirkwall, Orkney), last quarter of the 20th century .
Price: £65.00
buckle A buckle, unmarked circa 1780.
Price: £45.00
buckle A rectangular engraved buckle, by A. A. Venour & Company, Birmingham 1898.
Price: £45.00
Air Raid Precautions Warden badge 1939 silver An Air Raid Precautions warden badge, by JC London 1939 .
Price: £25.00