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George III combined spoon fork London 1795 Northcote Bourne A George III combined fork and spoon (with reversed bowl), by Thomas Northcote and George Bourne London 1795 .
Victorian spade London 1890 Ephraim Tysall

A Victorian spade ( approx. 7 " long) by Ephraim Tysall London 1890.
Price: £250.00

Ephraim Tysall (1828-1896) was listed as an electroplater in 1866 and 1867 with an address in Melton Street, Euston Square. In 1867 Tysall moved to 24 Poland Street in Soho and is recorded there until his death (the firm continued until after 1918). According to advertisements the firm was founded in 1853 and won the '1st Prize and Diploma of Honour [at the] National Workmen's Exhibition 1893'. Despite their speciality being 'Electroplating and Gilding on any metal. Plating by dynamos only' the firm registered maker's marks with the London Assay Office in 1867 and 1888- suggesting a subsidiary trade in silver when required from early in their incorporation (a few silver pieces are noted from the 1870s onwards).

Antique French butterknife A French butter-knife, prettily pierced and brightcut with turned wooden handle Paris 1st standard, 1818 -1838 crested with a greyhound grasping a heart impaled by 3 arrows.
Price: £225.00
pastry slice Tiger's eye handle London 1886 Saunders and Shepherd retailer L. Donne & Son A Victorian pastry slice with 'Tiger's Eye' handle in original leather case, by Saunders and Shepherd London 1886, retailed by L. Donne & Son of London .
Price: £220.00
silver slice An Old English thread military savoury slice by H. & H. Lias, London 1871 crested with a leopard.
Price: £165.00
small server Sheffield 1878 Martin Hall and Company A small server with engraved blade and engraved and beaded handle, by Martin, Hall and Company Sheffield 1878 (also marked on the handle).
Price: £150.00
silver slice

A fiddle pattern pastry slice, by Mary Chawner London 1835, engraved with the original crest of Colebrooke beneath a later Baron's coronet .
Price: Sold
 In 1906 Edward Arthur Colebrook (1861-1939), 5th Baronet of Gatton, was created 1st Baron Colebrooke. He had already served as Private Secretary to Earl Spencer as Lord President of the Council in 1886 and went on to hold several government posts. These included Lord High Commissioner to the Church of Scotland (1906-1907), Liberal Chief Whip in the House of Lords and Captain of the Honourable Corps of Gentleman-at-Arms (1911-1922) and was a deputy speaker of the House of Lords. He also served at the Royal Court as Lord in Waiting to the King (1906-1911), permanent Lord in Waiting (1924-1936) and Master of the Robes to Edward VIII (1936). In addition, he received the Order of St. Olaf of Norway, the Order of the Crown of Italy and the Legion D'Honneur from the French.

Victorian Fiddle pattern pastry slice London 1867 Francis Higgins A Victorian fiddle pattern pastry slice, by Francis Higgins London 1867 .
Price: £120.00
George III butter knife Fiddle Shell Edinburgh 1805 MacHattie Fenwick

A George III Fiddle Shell pattern butterknife with kidney shaped blade, by McHattie and Fenwick (active 1799-1807) Edinburgh circa 1805, crested with a demi lion rampant holding a buckle.
Price: £115.00

The crest could be that of two families Ferguson of Raith, near Kirkcaldy in Fife or Johnston-Stewart of Physgill House , Wigtownshire. If this was made for the Fergusons of Raith then the holder of the estates in the early 19th century was Robert Ferguson (1769-1840). Ferguson was painted in his youth by Sir Henry Raeburn as one of the two figures in The Archers (now in the National Gallery in London). He was also a noted amateur geologist and was elected to the Royal Societies of London (1805) and Edinburgh (1806)- in the late 19th century the mineral Fergusonite was named after him. He also had a politicial career serving as Member of Parliament for Fife from 1806-1807 and then for other boroughs from 1831 until his death and was also Lord Lieutenant of Fife from 1837-1840. The gap in this career can be partially explained by the fact that in 1807 an affair with Raith caused the divorce of the independently wealthy Mary, Countess of Elgin from her husband (now best known for his acquisition of the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon). The Earl of Elgin received £10,000 damages (approximately five million pounds in 2016) from Raith for Criminal Conversation (adultery) with the Countess. Following the divorce Raith and Mary married in 1808- he died in 1840 and she died in 1855.

Victorian engraved butter knife engraved cow London 1859 Elizabeth John Eaton A Victorian Fiddle pattern butterknife the blade engraved with a cow, by Elizabeth and John Eaton London 1859, initialled {MER} .
Antique silver butterknife A cased fiddle pattern butter-knife,the symmetrical blade engraved with a border London 1880 by Aldwinkle and Slater initialled {GJN}.
Price: £95.00
butter knife A butterknife with a sculpted ivory handle, by Martin, Hall and Company Sheffield 1871 .
Price: £75.00
butter knife An engraved fiddle pattern butterknife, by George Adams London 1854, crested for Robson-Scott of Ashtrees or Newton (both in Roxburghshire).
Price: £75.00
butter knife A mother-of-pearl handled butter knife, Birmingham 1870 by Hilliard and Thomasson.
Price: £72.00
butterknife A mother-of-pearl handled butterknife, by George Unite, Birmingham 1843.
Victorian Fiddle pattern butterknife London 1862 Hayne and Cater A Victorian Fiddle pattern butterknife, by Samuel Hayne and Dudley Cater London 1862, crested with a stag's head .
Price: £65.00
Victorian Old English pattern butter knife engraved decoration Barnards London 1875 A Victorian Old English pattern butterknife with engraved decoration to both blade and handle, by the Barnards, London 1875 .
butterknife A mother-of-pearl handled butterknife, Sheffield 1849 by Aaron Hadfield, initialled {MG}.
Price: £65.00
butterknife A butterknife with engraved blade and curiously shaped handle by the Lias brothers, London 1862.
butter knife A fiddle pattern butterknife by Williams Brothers Exeter 1860, initialled {MCM}.
Price: £58.00
Brightcut silver butterknife A mother-of-pearl handled butter-knife with brightcut blade and moulded handle by George Unite, Birmingham 1875 initialled {AB} on the handle.
Price: £58.00
butter knife A butterknife with mother-of-pearl handle, by John Shekleton London 1801, initialled {S}.