A Dognose Fork made in London in 1701 (SN 4440)

Sir Philip Frowde (d. 1674)  married, as his third wife, Margaret Ashburnham and she bore him the last four of his nine children.  He was buried in Bath Abbey which still boasts a large monument in his memory.

Frowde memorial
Detail of the wording may be found here.
Reproduced by courtesy of Julia&Keld.

There is no record of the death of Margaret, Lady Frowde but this fork indicates that it was post-1701.

The poet Andrew Marvell records that Frowde was a man of slow wits and dim understanding.  Marvell may have been jealous of Frowde's career as a senior Royalist officer in the English Civil War, a colonel of both foot and horse who was then knighted in 1665. Frowde went on to receive many Royal offices after the Restoration.  He was 'Secretary to the Committee for Foreign Plantations and to the Duchess of York' from 1660, 'farmer of the Post Office' and, during the Second Dutch War (1665-1667), Commissioner of Prizes.  In 1671 he was made one of the commissioners of wine licences.  He also had sufficient funds to be a shareholder in the Royal African Company.

Luke Schrager

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