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William IV Windsor Castle top vinaigrette Birmingham 1837 Nathaniel Mills

A William IV vinaigrette with 'Windsor Castle top' and fancy pierced grille made in Birmingham in 1837 by Nathaniel Mills. The body, lid and grille all carry hallmarks and the base is engraved {MM de AS}.

Price: £1550.00

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world. Since its foundation by William the Conqueror in the 11th century it has been home to 40 monarchs and since 1917 has given its name to the Royal family of Great Britain.


Pair of vinaigrettes A pair of vinaigrettes with flag grilles Birmingham, 1806 by Joseph Wilmore (one is maker's mark only). Both are engraved 'The Gift of TWY'.
Price: £725.00
 Vinaigrette A Scottish vinaigrette with moss-agate top and floral grille by RH (twice) circa 1830, probably for Richard Haxton, Edinburgh.
Tortoise shell covered vinaigrette A tortoiseshell-covered vinaigrette mounted in gold with a concealed compartment unmarked circa 1810.
Price: £565.00
 Vinaigrette An engine turned vinaigrette, by Nathaniel Mills London 1834 marked on base, lid and grille.
Price: £450.00
 Vinaigrette An engine-turned vinaigrette, Birmingham 1833 by Nathaniel Mills with floral grille .
Price: £445.00
 Vinaigrette A good silver-gilt and engine-turned vinaigrette with floral grille made in London in 1836 by Edward Edwards (the grille also bears his mark and the lion passant).
Price: £425.00
Watch shaped vinaigrette A silver-gilt watch-shaped vinaigrette with engine-turned decoration and grille pierced in lozenges , Birmingham 1825, Lea and Company.
Price: £375.00
 Vinaigrette An engine-turned vinaigrette with floral grille (fully marked on flange), by Matthew Linwood Birmingham 1814, initialled {CD to MJL}.
Price: £365.00
William IV glass scent bottle silver gilt mounts London 1835 Rawlings Summers A glass scent bottle with silver-gilt mounts ( 8cm (3.5) " high) and an engine turned lid, by Charles Rawlings and William Summers London 1835 (also marked with a lion passant on the frame).
 Vinaigrette A vinaigrette with embossed rose on the lid, by John Bettridge, Birmingham 1818.
Price: £345.00
Tubular box 18th century pierced lamb coronet

A circular box (perhaps a smelling box) with engraved and scalloped border and a pierced lid (depicting a paschal lamb beneath a coronet), unmarked and dating from the first half of the eighteenth century.
Price: SOLD

Loodereindoosje An embossed loodereindoosje, by Willem Wobbe Amsterdam 1767.
Price: £325.00
 Vinaigrette An engraved vinaigrette, by Nathaniel Mills Birmingham 1830.
Price: £310.00
 Vinaigrette An engine-turned vinaigrette, by Gervaise Wheeler Birmingham 1834 .
Price: £290.00
 Vinaigrette A vinaigrette with faux filigree grille, the lid engraved with a basket of fruit and flowers, by Thomas Shaw Birmingham 1834.
Price: £275.00
George III scent bottle case Birmingham 1802 Samuel Pemberton A George III engraved scent bottle case, containing scent bottle, by Samuel Pemberton Birmingham 1802 (also marked with maker's mark on the base).
Price: £245.00
 Vinaigrette A small engraved vinaigrette with vacant cartouche, Birmingham circa 1840 (no date letter was ever applied) by Francis Clarke.
Price: £245.00