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4 salts cased A cased set of four bright-cut boat-shaped salts, the spoons en suite made in 1877 (the salts London, the spoons Sheffield) by Martin, Hall & Company, all in original fitted case from Ollivant & Batsford, Manchester.
Price: £425.00
Trencher salt A trencher salt, made in London in 1736 by IS with a rosette above (probably an alternative mark for John Stone), initialled {SWM}.
Price: £395.00
Pair salts A pair of pierced salts, retailed by Thomas Daniel or Thomas Dene (overstriking Hester Bateman) London 1774.
Price: £395.00
Sheffield 1773 salt First year assay office

A pierced oval salt cellar, by Richard Morton and Company Sheffield 1773 .
Price: £350.00


Pair salts A pair of circular salts with hoof feet, by Edward Wood London 1744 .
Price: £350.00
4 salts A set of four small beaded and engraved salts, by Henry Harrison London 1867, crested with a sun in splendour .
Price: £295.00
Pair salts A pair of circular salts on three hoof feet, by Walter Brind London 1761, initialled {RH} in a mirror cypher .
Price: £285.00
Oval salt An oval salt-cellar with fluted body and complex gadrooned border London, 1766 by Robert and David Hennell, crested with a lion's head.
Price: £275.00
Pair salts A pair of cauldron salts with hoof feet, London 1767, by David Mowden initialled G.
Price: SOLD
Galleried salt A galleried salt with blueglass liner (star-cut base) by Robert Hennell, London 1780.
Price: £245.00
Plated capstan salt

A silver-on-copper capstan salt cellar, by the Duchess of Sutherland's Cripples Guild, c. 1910 .
Price: £195.00
                                                                                                          In 1907, the Potteries and Newcastle Cripples Guild that Millicent, Duchess of Sutherland (1867-1955) had helped to found nine years earlier was renamed in her honour- the Duchess of Sutherland Cripples Guild. The Guild closed in 1922.

Salt An embossed salt on pedestal foot with flower encrusted border and blue glass liner by William Barrett, London 1829.
Price: £185.00
Salt A large salt on 4 feet with shaped rim of flowers and scrolls by the Barnard Brothers, London 1839 inscribed 'Presented to Mr Robt Nall in1842 by the Gentlemen Graziers of the County of Nottingham.'.
Price: £160.00

Pierced salt

A pierced salt cellar, by Robert Hennell London 1779, initialled {EJS}.
Price: £145.00
Pierced salt A pierced salt cellar in early George III style, by William Wrangham Williams London 1870.
Price: £135.00