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 6 rattail tablespoons A set of six rattail tablespoons of exceptional quality, made in London in 1718 by Philip Robinson, crested for the Bridgeman family with a later eighteenth century Baron's coronet (the family were created Barons Bradford in 1794).
Price: £3,750.00
 Rattail tablespoon A rat-tail tablespoon, by Paul De Lamerie London 1717, crested with a lion's head collared between two dragon's wings.
Price: £2,150.00
 Dognose stuffing spoon A dognose stuffing spoon with pronounced front rib, by William Scarlett, London 1699 or 1713, initialled {SSM}.
Price: £1,750.00
Dognose tablespoons 1707 London John Broake Payne Butler A pair of unusually heavy dognose tablespoons, by John Broake London 1707, crested with an otter among rushes for PAYNE of Midlow, Huntingdonshire on the reverse and a bird on feathers all out of a coronet for BUTLER on the front .
Price: £1550.00
Trefid spoon A trefid tablespoon with decorated front and lace back, by Lawrence Coles London 1683, initialled {VL [over] P [over] IM}.
Price: £1,300.00
Dognose spoon A dognose tablespoon of heavy gauge with beaded rat-tail , by William Petley London 1707, engraved with initials {RP} and date 1707 .
 Rattail stuffing spoon A rattail stuffing spoon 11.7 inches long by Thomas Spackman, London 1710.
Price: £1,125.00
William III trefid London 1699 Francis Archbold A William III trefid tablespoon with beaded rattail, by Francis Archbold London 1699, initialled {P [over] EI} .
Price: £1,100.00
Dognose tablespoon An American dognose tablespoon, by John Coney of Boston, Massachusetts circa 1720, initialled {MC [over] TA} and dated 1728.
Price: £950.00
Dognose tablespoon A dognose tablespoon, by William Mathew London 1703, initialled {WS} .
Price: £590.00
Dognose tablespoon A dognose tablespoon, by William Scarlett London 1708, crested with a lion passant .
Price: £545.00
Dognose tablespoon A dognose tablespoon, by William Scarlett London 1708, initialled {MB [over] IB} .
Price: £510.00
2 rattail tablespoons A pair of rat-tail tablespoons, by Henry Clarke London 1718 initialled {SMN}.
Price: £450.00
Trefid spoon A trefid tablespoon, by Jacques Limbour of Jersey circa 1780, initialled {AGD} .
Price: £425.00
4 rattail teaspoons 4 rattail teaspoons by John Millington, London circa 1725 initialled W.
Price: £425.00
Dognose tablespoon A dognose tablespoon with beaded rat-tail, by Andrew Archer London circa 1700, initialled BRE .
Price: £395.00
Dognose spoon

A dognose teaspoon, by {ID (over) P}, London circa 1700, crested for Fraser. This maker was assumed to be of Huguenot origin but previously unidentified.
Price: £325.00

A reasonable candidate for the mark is Jacques du Portail listed as 'de Paris Orfevre' who died at St. Martin's Lane between 1715 and 1717 aged 68 (see p. 549 of Evans' Huguenot Goldsmiths, published in 1933).

Rattail spoon A rat-tail tablespoon, Exeter circa 1725 by James Strang, initialled [IP IB 1724].
Price: £325.00
Rattail tablespoon A rat-tail tablespoon, by Nathaniel Roe London 1717, initialled {TP}.
Price: £265.00
Rattail tablespoon A rat-tail tablespoon, by Thomas Mann London 1722, engraved with the arms of the Maynard or Agnew family .
Price: £245.00
Rattail tablespoon A rattail tablespoon, by Henry Clarke London 1718 initialled {SMN}.
Price: £225.00

A Britannia standard Hanoverian tablespoon with rat-tail, made in London in 1722 probably by John Millington, initialled {AE*S} .
Price: £215.00

From 1697-1720 it was compulsory to use 'Britannia Standard' silver (958 parts of silver per 1000).  After 1720 some makers, often of Huguenot extraction, continued to use it. This spoon is such an example.

Rattail tablespoon A rat-tail tablespoon, London 1725 by Arnett and Pocock, engraved with a complex monogram and the initial {M} .
Price: £175.00
Rattail tablespoon A rattail tablespoon, by Robert Sallam London 1766 .
Price: £165.00
Teaspoon A dognose teaspoon with pronounced front rib, unmarked circa 1720, crested for Fowke .
Price: £110.00
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Teaspoon A rattail teaspoon with decorated front, circa 1725, crested with an eagle's head, in beak an oak sprig.
Price: £110.00