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George II caster London 1749 Samuel Wood A 6 3/4 " (17cm) George II baluster caster with fancy pierced lid, by Samuel Wood London 1749 (marked on the lid with both the lion passant and the maker's mark ) .
Price: £625.00
Victorian large caster rococo revival London 1898 Gibson and Langman A Victorian 7 1/2 inch rococo revival caster, by Gibson and Langman London 1898 .
Price: £595.00
Caster A baluster pepper with pierced and engraved lid, by George Greenhill Jones London 1734 (a.f.). The base is initialled {A [over] I I}.
Price: £425.00
Caster An engraved caster, the removable base on a screw thread, by Charles Thomas and George Fox London 1857 .
Wig powderer A wig powderer, London 1810, maker's mark indecipherable.
Price: £345.00
victorian pepper pot sander Mordan circa 1880 unmarked

A Victorian pepperpot or sander in the form of a mallet or a gavel, by Sampson Mordan unmarked circa 1880, struck with a Registered Design Diamond .

An example of this model with full hallmarks for 1880 by Sampson Mordan and carrying the same Registration Design Diamond has been in the stock of Steppes Hill Farm Antiques (we would like to thank them for the link to this image) .

Pepper A bun pepper, by Jabez Daniell London 1753, crested with a boar's head.
Price: Sold
Pepper A fully marked silver pepper grinder by Heath and Middleton, London 1902.
Price: £275.00

A vase-shaped pepper with vertical handles, by Edward Ker Reid London 1855 crested for Fowler ─ almost certainly for Sir John Fowler, 1st baronet of Braemore.

Sir John Fowler (1817-1898) was a leading British Civil Engineer who worked in many parts of the world. He was involved in the construction of many railways throughout Britain before becoming Chief Engineer of the "Metropolitan Railway" (the World's first underground railway) in  1853. Among many other projects, he also advised on the Forth Railway Bridge. He was the successor to Isambard Kingdom Brunel as advisor to the Great Western Railway on the design of their stations, including London Victoria, Manchester and Glasgow. He also advised on the railways of, among others, Algeria, Australia, Egypt and the United States. In 1857 Fowler purchased the estate of Braemore in Ross-shire and he received his baronetcy in 1890.

Caster A vase-shaped pepper on spreading foot by Samuel Knight, London 1815 marked on lid and base.
Price: £195.00
Caster A baluster caster, by William Fountain London 1824, crested with a heraldic antelope's head out of a coronet .
Price: £165.00
Caster An engraved urn shaped pepper, London 1888 by Charles Stuart Harris.
Price: £150.00
Pepper A pepperette, by Elizabeth Morley London 1809.
Price: £145.00
Caster A small baluster caster, by L. A. Crichton London 1922 .
Price: Sold
Pepper A small egg-shaped pepper with star-pierced lid on three feet, London 1878 by RR .
Price: £110.00
George III Old Sheffield Plate pepperette circa 1790 A George III octagonal Old Sheffield Plate pepperette with gilded interior circa 1810, set with a silver plaque crested with a rope .