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An all-silver travelling inkwell (cigarette lighter shape) London 1815, perhaps by Solomon Hougham.
Price: £455.00

A heavy seal well engraved with the arms of Comyn impaling another (possibly Vandercom), London 1812.
Price: £275.00

                                                        "Comyn and Vandercom" were a well-known London firm of solicitors in the nineteenth century and in 1805 there was a marriage between a Mr. Comyn and a Miss Vandercom.

A facetted circular glass and silver inkwell, London 1816 by John Douglas.
Price: £245.00
A hemi-spherical fob-seal with uncut stone decorated with leaves circa 1850.
Price: £220.00
A fob seal engraved with initials {RMN} below a lion rampant holding a dagger for Richard Marygold Noneley of Market Drayton, Surgeon (1771-1840) made in London in 1795 perhaps by John Jago.
Price: £195.00
A late seventeenth/early eighteenth century seal, engraved with a stag's head crest between the initials TT (changed to CT soon thereafter). The crest and initials together indicate the Trydell family (the main branch of which is based in Blarney, County Cork).
Price: £195.00
A fob seal engraved with an armorial for the Radcliffe family, by TW overstriking another, London 1793.
Price: £185.00
SN 7498t

A gold seal with uncut cornelian on 4 legs circa 1820.
Price: £180.00

SN 7971
A telescopic pen and pencil, the 9 carat gold-covered case engraved with curlicues; unmarked circa 1860 inscribed 'James Drew, Artiscombe, Tavistock'.
Price: £175.00
A pipe-tamper with ring handle and seal-end inscribed 'B. Morin' by William Key, London circa 1800.
Price: £175.00
An unmarked silver fob seal, circa 1780 engraved with a coat of arms (probably for PYNNER of Mitcham).
Price: £160.00
An unusually small mechanical pencil, London, circa 1837 by Gabriel Riddle (with sales ticket penned by the late Gerald Sattin).
Price: £145.00
A slim silver propelling pencil with carved cornelian seal depicting a classical figure, Birmingham circa 1810 by Joseph Taylor (maker's mark on slide).
Price: £130.00
SN 6169 A silver seal with impression of a garb circa 1750. The seal is suspended from an 18th century facetted steel ring, visible in the scan/
Price: £125.00
A reeded propelling pencil with spring-loaded fob chain attachment, London 1908 by Sampson Mordan and Company.
Price: £110.00
A silver seal maker's mark illegible, with monogram I W circa 1770.
Price: £80.00
A double-ended silver pencilholder for two pencil stubs with threaded ends by Arthur Downing, Birmingham 1902 engraved 'W.Hanks'.
Price: £65.00
A silver seal unmarked with initials MT circa 1770.
Price: £65.00