Wearable antique silver containers:

Cardcases, patchboxes, toothpick boxes, hip flasks, match-strikers etc

Card cases, patch boxes, match strikers, scent bottles, hip flasks and the like

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A patent vesta case with chained wick-holder and patent closure by H.W.Dee, London 1872 initialled FJ and inscribed AC and also stamped 'JENNER & KNEWSTUB, 33 ST JAMES'S ST & 66 JERMYN ST' and elsewhere 'PATENT CLASP'.
Price: £550.00

A finely engraved silver cardcase in original leather case (retailed by A. B. Savory and Sons of London), Birmingham 1857 by Edward Smith, crested with an arm in armour holding an axe above the motto 'A DEO OMNIA DATE'.
Price: £495.00

It is possible that this crest was used by Kenneth J. Salmon of Oak Bank, Spencer's Wood whose cards are to be found in the case.

SN 5896 A heavy cased engine-turned cardcase with vacant cartouches by Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1840.
Price: £495.00
SN 6066 A cigar-case with leather lining by Edward Smith, Birmingham 1856.
Price: £475.00
A small match-striker with cigar cutter and pricker London, 1862 by Benjamin Barling (retailed by Carlin of 189 Regent Street) crested with a running horse.
Price: £325.00
A filigree counter box with enamel jack of clubs on green ground in lid unmarked circa 1790.
Price: £325.00
A patch box with embossed image of Queen Anne, London circa 1720 by TK.
Price: £295.00

:A small match-striker/ladies snuff by John Harris, London, 1853 engraved with ACP
beneath 2 crests, for PONSONBY and COOPER.
Price: £275.00

 Charles Frederick Ashley Cooper Ponsonby (1815-1896) succeeded as 2nd Baron De Mauley in 1855.

A silver box containing four counters (used for Hoyle's method of scoring in Whist), by Joseph Taylor of Birmingham circa 1800.
Price: £265.00
A patch box, the lid engraved with chequer board design, Birmingham 1814 by Cocks and Betteridge.
Price: £250.00
A patch box engraved with a tulip or thistle , circa 1690, unmarked but initialled {MI}.
Price: £245.00
A circular patchbox with chequerwork decoration by Joseph Taylor, Birmingham 1805 fully marked in both base and lid.
Price: £240.00
A ribbed pillbox, by Matthew Linwood, Birmingham 1806.
Price: £225.00
"A cast circular patchbox with German style engine-turned decoration circa 1750, with workman's mark in base
and 2 minute and illegible import marks on base and lid, initialled AH."
Price: £220.00
An unmarked pair of silver patch-boxes, circa 1790, initialled {EH} and {JSH} and each engraved '1792' on the base.
Price: £195.00
A small box of gothic design, London 1873 by Archibald John Douglas.
Price: £175.00
A small match-striker box decorated in the Aesthetic manner by John Hayes Taylor, Chester 1883.
Price: £160.00
A brightcut patchbox by Samuel Pemberton, Birmingham 1806.
Price: £155.00
An engraved circular box entirely in the Dutch manner by Hilliard and Thomasson, Birmingham 1869 engraved '22 June 1869'.
Price: £145.00
A 2-part German egg, geometrically engraved unmarked, circa 1740, probably German.
Price: £140.00
A circular snuff or large patch box with tortoise-shell lid and base, both concave in shape, unmarked circa 1780, initialled SA.
Price: £125.00
An Old Sheffield Plate patchbox with aventurine lid and engraved mother-of-pearl base engraved in Chinese style, circa 1760.
Price: £120.00
A rounded rectangular vesta-case, plain but with shaped octagonal cartouches by William H. Sparrow, Birmingham 1909 .
Price: £75.00
A reeded bodkin case by Samuel Pemberton, Birmingham circa 1790.
Price: £68.00
A very small metal patchbox decorated with Prince-of-Wales feathers and, on the reverse, stamped 'Prince of Wales's Box', mid-19th century.
Price: £52.00