Tongs, nips, grape-shears, nut-crackers
asparagus servers, stamp tweezers and snuffers

Asparagus tongs, sugar tongs, grape scissors, ice tongs, sugar nips
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A pair of Bacchanalian pattern nutcrackers by Elizabeth Eaton, London 1851.
Price: £1,350.00
A pair of King's pattern asparagus tongs- the blades pierced and engraved with leopard's faces, made in London in 1827, crested with a cockerel below a baron's coronet .
Price: £995.00
                                                       Henry Cockburn, Baron Cockburn (1779-1854), a prominent jurist and Solicitor General for Scotland 1830-1834         
A pair of scissor-type candle snuffers, by Joseph Angell London 1825.
Price: £625.00
A pair of snuffers with cast decoration by Wallis and Hayne, London 1814 crested with a pelican vulning, 3 chicks in a nest.
Price: £595.00
A whitebait lifter, the upper blade florally pierced and the lower with a fish, by Abstainando King London 1798 (the handle by Moses Brent, London 1792). Both blades are crested with an arm in armour holding a dagger.
Price: £525.00
SN 6711 A pair of cast grapeshears with matted vineleaf handles by William Eaton, London 1843.
Price: £450.00
A pair of steel snuffers with spring-loaded cutting mechanism with silver plaque and silver handles circa 1780, the plaque inscribed 'By His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent Cope & Cutler'.
Price: £395.00
A pair of silver scissors, perhaps for grapes by Eley and Fearn, London 1814.
Price: £375.00
SN 5904 A rococo pair of sugar nips, Dublin, circa 1770 with good early repair.
Price: £340.00
A pair of beaded sprung sugar tongs, London circa 1790 by IB (perhaps for John Buckett), crested with a griffin's head.
Price: £255.00

A pair of sugar tongs with cast arms initialled {SC}, poorly marked in both bowls, ?P circa 1765.
Price: £225.00

                                                           Probably York - the cast arms are identical to a Hampston & Prince pair: Figure 283 p 57, in Michael Baggott's Illustrated                                                            Guide to York Hallmarks (published 2010)

A pair of floral cast sugarnips by Hilliard and Thomasson, Birmingham 1855.
Price: £195.00

A pair of silver-gilt stamp tweezers, London 1850 by Richard Sibley, crested with a boar.

Price: £195.00

A pair of sugar-nips with shell bowls by Simeon Coley ?, London circa 1765 initialled AB.
Price: £195.00
A pair of sugar nips with undulating arms, unmarked circa 1760. The central boss is crested with a unicorn's head eating foliage.
Price: £185.00
A pair of hourglass handled nutcrackers with close-plated jaws by Taylor and Perry, Birmingham 1829.
Price: £185.00
A pair of OSP engraved asparagus tongs with shells crested for STARKIE circa 1780, engraved as a gift to John Grey Murray 1936 'For pulling chestnuts out of the fire'.
Price: £175.00               John Gray Murray was a famous publisher.
A pair of sugar-nips, by Thomas Wallis I, London circa 1760, initialled {GIM}.
Price: £165.00
A pair of plain sugar-nips by GN (Grimwade 3589 untraced), London circa 1770.
Price: £165.00
Sugar nips SN 8642 A pair of sugarnips of standard form by John Gorham, London 1739-55, initialled E over IE.
Price: £155.00
A pair of fiddle pattern sugar-tongs York, c.1820 by James Barber and William Whitwell crested with a demi-lion rampant.
Price: £145.00

A pair of Old English thread sugar tongs, Edinburgh circa 1800 by T & E (apparently not present in list of Edinburgh makers), initialled H.

Price: £85.00

A pair of bright-cut sugar tongs, London circa 1780 by Benjamin Mordecai.
Price: £68.00
A pair of small pierced sugar tongs, by Hutton Limited, London 1898.
Price: £65.00
A pair of miniature sugar tongs with leaf shaped bowls, Sheffield 1899 by HA (unrecorded maker).
Price: £65.00
A pair of fiddle pattern sugar tongs, by James Scott, Dublin 1816.
Price: £60.00
A pair of fiddle pattern sugartongs, Exeter 1834 by W. R. Sobey.
Price: £55.00
A pair of fiddle pattern sugar tongs, London 1881 by George Adams.
Price: £52.00
A pair of brightcut sugar tongs Exeter, circa 1790 by William Welch of Plymouth.
Price: £52.00
A pair of Old English thread sugar tongs with fluted bowls, London circa 1780 by SW (perhaps Samuel Whitford II) initialled [WC].
Price: £48.00
A small pair of Old English sugar tongs by Eley and Fearn, London 1815.
Price: £45.00