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Stuffing spoons, dressing spoons, salad servers, hash spoons, basting spoons, serving pieces

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A very good hook-end stuffing spoon with bright-cut decoration, Cork circa 1790 by Carden Terry initialled [GJ].
Price: £1,800.00
A large Hanoverian basting spoon with double knop by William Soame, London 1733 crested with 2 flags out of a coronet for CALVERT.
Price: £1,250.00
A Hanoverian pattern basting spoon by Benjamin Cartwright, London 1739 initialled E*W.
Price: £975.00
A pair of Old English stuffing spoons by Richard Crossley, London 1796 crested with a demi-stag rearing.
Price: £480.00
A Celtic point potato fork with bright-cut decoration, Dublin 1793 by ?.D, crested with a cubit arm vested holding a dagger.
Price: £475.00
                           This crest is used by a number of families including O'Hagan
A pair of Old English stuffing spoons by George Giles overstriking the Batemans, London 1798 crested with a plough beneath GOD SPEED THE PLOUGH.
Price: £475.00
An Old English strainer spoon with pierced half-cover, by Thomas Chawner London circa 1775, crested with a stag sitting among branches.
Price: £425.00
A King's variant stuffing spoon with star, London 1821 by John and Henry Lias, crested for Cowper/Cooper.
Price: £325.00
A half-fiddle pattern stuffing spoon by Paul Callard, London 1759 crested with a demi-fox grasping a pike.
Price: £325.00
A fiddle pattern stuffing spoon with diecast crest featuring the initials GH within a Garter star, by William Eley London 1827, initialled {G}.
Price: £295.00
A pair of serving spoons, the handles with stylised chinoiserie motifs by T. Wilkinson, Birmingham 1884.
Price: £295.00
A large fiddle, thread and shell stuffing spoon of unusually heavy gauge, by Wakely and Wheeler London 1894, crested with a wolf's head.
Price:                                                                                    (see SN 4417, a similar soup ladle)
A bright-cut stuffing spoon, by Charles Hougham, London 1789, initialled {H}.
Price: £275.00
An Old English stuffing spoon of good gauge , Newcastle 1841 by Reid and Sons crested with the head and shoulders of a man out of a coronet.
Price: £245.00
SN 7010 A fiddle pattern salad fork by Mary Sumner, London 1808 crested with a hawk belled and jessed.
Price: £240.00
A fiddle pattern basting spoon, Exeter 1837 by W. R. Sobey, initialled {EIT}.
Price: £225.00
A dognose stuffing spoon London, 1878 by Francis Higgins, engraved with the arms of Scott.
Price: £225.00            
A King's pattern serving fork, by George Richards Elkington London 1866, crested for MACGREGOR.
Price: £175.00