Snuff, tobacco and other boxes

Snuff, tobacco and other boxes and mulls

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A China Trade snuff box completely lined with tortoise shell , Canton circa 1840 by KHC. The maker's mark is located on the inside of the lid.
Price: £650.00
A rectangular snuff box with curved body and gadrooned border, by Matthew Linwood made in Birmingham in 1812.
Price: £550.00
A horn snuff-mull with silver mounts unmarked but engraved '1776' with arrow towards a heart and inscribed on the lid 'I. COCHRAN LINING PRINTER'.
Price: £525.00
A plain circular toilet box, marked thrice JD beneath an acorn for John Derussat Huguenot, engraved {WH} over {Llwyn} for William Humffreys of Llwyn - the High Sheriff of Merionethshire in 1754.
Price: £450.00
                                                          The maker's mark is Grimwade's 3632 now attributed to John Derussat, London, boxmaker active 1730-1758 - see article in Silver Society Journal 14, 2002 - by the late Brian Beet.     
A snuffbox formed of a nut, carved with hunting scene on rear and vacant shield- shaped cartouche with lion supporters on lid, perhaps Colonial circa 1825.
Price: £450.00
A ribbed Russian box by Gustav Klingert, Moscow 1885 (Postnikova-Loseva # 3035).
Price: £380.00
SN 3775 An engine-turned snuffbox, the plain rectangular cartouche inscribed W. French by Francis Clarke, London 1838.
Price: £375.00
  A Dutch ribbed tobacco-cum-snuff box 12 x 7 cms Amsterdam 1820.
Price: £320.00
A silver-mounted oval box with standaway hinge and m-o-p plaques top and bottom unmarked, the top with 2 Chinese figures in a garden, the base with Chinese floral motif with bird.
Price: £295.00
A pill box or lady's snuff box, by Joseph Willmore Birmingham 1809, engraved {MW to JG}.
Price: £265.00
SN 8208 An engine-turned snuffbox inscribed on lid 'Presented to Mr Samuel Broadhurst' by Francis Clarke, Birmingham 1840.
Price: £250.00
An engine-turned snuff box with inset lid, by Corfield and Patrick Birmingham 1821.
Price: £245.00
A China Trade snuffbox, Canton circa 1830 by Wong Shing.
Price: £195.00
A China Trade cachou box with vacant cartouche and typical floral decoration by Khechong, Canton, 1840-70.
Price: £195.00
A China Trade snuffbox by 'K' , Canton circa 1870.
Price: £125.00