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A pair of serving tongs with tines, by Robert Urquhart London 1800, the handle also London 1800 by Moses Brent.
Price: £795.00

A pair of King's pattern asparagus tongs of unusually heavy gauge, by William Eley and William Fearn London 1823, engraved with the initial and coronet of John Campbell, Lord Glenorchy (1796-1862).
Price: £725.00
                                                              John Campbell (1796-1862) was styled Lord Glenorchy until 1831 and sat as Member of Parliament for Okehampton from 1820-1826 and for Perthshire from 1832-1834 (when he inherited the Marquessate of Breadalbane). He held many honours and public offices and entertained Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at Taymouth in 1842.

A Coburg pattern fishslice, by William Knight London 1825, the blade pierced with 2 fishes, initialled {IM}.
Price: £550.00
A whitebait lifter, by William Eley, William Fearn and William Chawner London 1811, initialled {ABW} .
Price: £450.00
A massive King's pattern fishslice by Thomas Death, London 1824.
Price: £425.00
A pair of unusually shaped fiddle thread serving tongs, by Francis Higgins London 1855.
Price: £395.00
A fish slice with pierced blade and beaded handle, by Thomas Daniell London 1782 (the handle carrying the maker's mark of W? - probably that of William Abdy), the blade is initialled {GG} and crested with a lion passant holding a star .
Price: £375.00

A fiddle pattern fishslice with three tines at right angles to the blade, by William Knight London 1828, initialled {WEB}
Price: £350.00

                                                                                                          This slice once formed part of the collection of silver serving pieces owned by Benton Seymour Rabinovitch. It is illustrated on page 245 of Rabinovitch's book on serving pieces published in 1991.

A fiddle, thread and shell pattern fish slice of unusually heavy gauge, by George Adams London 1855 .
Price: £265.00
A fiddle pattern kidney-shaped fishslice with reeded blade and bobbly piercing by Stephen Adams, London 1811.
Price: £240.00
A fiddle pattern fishslice, the blade pierced with a fish, by William and Samuel Knight, initialled {A}.
Price: £220.00
A fiddle pattern serving fork, by Robert Wallis London 1851 .
Price: £175.00
An Old English thread military savoury slice by H. & H. Lias, London 1871 crested with a leopard.
Price: £165.00
A fiddle pattern fishslice the blade pierced and brightcut by James Wintle, London 1821 initialled AH.
Price: £165.00
A serving fork with fish pierced in the blade, by George Adams London 1850 (marked on both blade and handle) .
Price: £155.00