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A goblet with typical Elizabethan decoration on spreading foot, as usually found on communion cups, unmarked and prick-initialled {AI} above 1565.
A tumbler cup, by John Broughton London 1788, initialled {DJA}.
Price: £1,200.00
An engraved beaker, Orleans between 1772-1774 by MF crowned (unascribed).
Price: £995.00

A small two-handled trophy cup with contemporary horse-racing inscription, by William and John Deane in London in 1764.
                                                                                                         This cup was presented by George Trenchard of Lichet Maltravers, near Poole in Dorset, as the Lichet Cup in 1766. It was won by Robert Kingsbury's horse BEUCEPHALUS and Robert Kingsbury's initials appear on the front of the cup.
                                                                                                         The Trenchard family's estates in Hampshire date back to the time of Henry I. They acquired Litchet Maltravers in the seventeenth century. George Trenchard (who died in 1768) presented this cup to the winner, Robert Kingsbury and his horse Beaucephalus (named after that of Alexander the Great). The Kingsbury family were a prominent yeoman family in Dorset but it had many branches and it has not proved possible to establish the branch from which this Robert Kingsbury came.


A heavy cast and chased Christening mug by Barber and Whitwell, York 1815 inscribed 'Lady Birnie to her Goddaughter Margaret Birnie 1828'.
Price: £745.00

                          In all probability, this Margaret Birnie was born to George and Ann Birnie of Mains and Strathmartine, Angus, and christened on 15th April 1827. Lady Birnie was a distant relative, the wife of Sir Richard Birnie, originally from Banff. He it was who became Chief Magistrate at Bow Street and a favourite of King George IV


An Old Sheffield Plate double beaker, circa 1800 engraved 'James Brown to WB' on the bases and 'Walter Brown, Lord Provost of Edinburgh 1827-1829'. This beaker is the only example of Sheffield Plate shown in Eric Delieb's 'Investing in Silver' (p.56).
Price: £725.00

                           Walter Brown, (1768? — 1849), served as Master of the Company of Merchants of the City of Edinburgh 1820 — 1821

A large goblet, by William Burwash and Richard Sibley London 1811, crested for Moorton.
An engraved child's mug with Greek key, bands and floral engraving by Charles Fox I, London 1811 monogrammed CRS, cased.
Price: £330.00
A barrel shaped christening mug London, 1826 by Thomas Jenkinson initialled JWW.
Price: £295.00
A barrel-shaped christening mug engraved with flowers between the bands and an inscription; by Thomas Radcliffe (or Richards) London 1814 inscribed 'Gift of J. Alldridge Esq. to E. Stevenson, 10th Feby 1815 in the 5th Month of her Age'.
Price: £270.00
A goblet with gilt interior and brightcut border on square foot marked Evert, 13½, name in Cyrillic letters.
Price: £165.00
A tot cup or measure (capacity 2 fluid ounces or 50 ml), Barnard Brothers London 1853, internal stock number 18 on the base.
Price: £145.00