Silver mugs, beakers, goblets and cups

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An engraved beaker, Orleans between 1772-1774 by MF crowned (unascribed).
Price: £995.00

An Old Sheffield Plate double beaker, circa 1800 engraved 'James Brown to WB' on the bases and 'Walter Brown, Lord Provost of Edinburgh 1827-1829'. This beaker is the only example of Sheffield Plate shown in Eric Delieb's 'Investing in Silver' (p.56).
Price: £850.00

                           Walter Brown, (1768? — 1849), served as Master of the Company of Merchants of the City of Edinburgh 1820 — 1821


A heavy cast and chased Christening mug by Barber and Whitwell, York 1815 inscribed 'Lady Birnie to her Goddaughter Margaret Birnie 1828'.
Price: £745.00

                          In all probability, this Margaret Birnie was born to George and Ann Birnie of Mains and Strathmartine, Angus, and christened on 15th April 1827. Lady Birnie was a distant relative, the wife of Sir Richard Birnie, originally from Banff. He it was who became Chief Magistrate at Bow Street and a favourite of King George IV


A silver mounted glass mug, London 1857 by George Ivory, the glass engraved with the crest and coronet of the Duke of Newcastle and inscribed beneath: ''Turner's 58 & 59 New Bond St'.
Price: £675.00

A pint mug with reeded bands inscribed as an agricultural prize for best Hunter by H. & H. Lias 1870 'BRUTON AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY PRIZE for the best Hunter' won by Mr E. Bournton's chestnut horse Paddy December 15th 1870.
Price: £450.00
A small brightcut mug on four ball feet, by Robert Hennell London 1874, engraved with the monogram {CH} below a foreign royal coronet and also the single initial {H}.
Price: £375.00
                                                             The {CH} monogram and coronet are for Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein (1831-1917) and his wife Princess Helena, daughter of Queen Victoria, (1846-1923). The {H} monogram may indicate possession by their daughter, Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein (1870-1948)
An engraved child's mug with Greek key, bands and floral engraving by Charles Fox I, London 1811 monogrammed CRS, cased.
Price: £330.00

A mug chased and engraved with bands of patterning on the body, Sheffield 1869 by Martin, Hall and Company, also stamped with a retailer's mark for Charles Nephew and Company of Calcutta.
Price: £325.00
                                       (For a mustard-pot with similar decoration by the same makers, see SN 7242)

A barrel shaped christening mug London, 1826 by Thomas Jenkinson initialled JWW.
Price: £295.00
A barrel-shaped christening mug engraved with flowers between the bands and an inscription; by Thomas Radcliffe (or Richards) London 1814 inscribed 'Gift of J. Alldridge Esq. to E. Stevenson, 10th Feby 1815 in the 5th Month of her Age'.
Price: £270.00
A goblet with gilt interior and brightcut border on square foot marked Evert, 13½, name in Cyrillic letters.
Price: £165.00