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Sales Venues

  • Antiques Shows

    Penman Antiques Fairs
    We have been exhibiting at Caroline Penman's fairs for more years than we wish to remember and believe that they offer good value for money.

    Antiques for Everyone, Birmingham National Exhibition Centre
    2009 will be our 3rd year at this venue. With Olympia priced out of the reach of most of our collectors, we think that this fair represents a good — and pleasant — compromise between smartness and affordability.

  • Markets


Welcome to

The Portobello Market!

               The Virtual Portobello Market:        Portobello Road is the most famous Antiques Market in London and probably the world. Sadly it's being eroded with new High Street chain stores taking over the area.
               A virtual Portobello Road Market may be the future. Many past and current dealers (like us) now have a place in the new VIRTUAL  PORTOBELLO ROAD.
               Have a look to see the latest items dealers have for sale.

  • Portobello Antiques Market           It used to be 'the world's Largest Antiques Market'.
    This is the site of tthe Portobello Road Antique Dealers Association. They have a helpful stand at the corner of Westbourne Grove and Portobello Road and negotiate with various official bodies on behalf of the dealers.

For General Information:

  • Basic information on hallmarks and English silver         A useful site which should give you a start. But for consulting hallmarks, we think that a book is a better device than a web-page.There is a large selection of silver-related titles in their bookshop.

  • For research on Britain and things British, try This Britain

  • A direct link to a new Antiques listing at Antiques Roadshow as well as English weather and special British search engines make this an interesting site.

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Specialist sites:


  • ANTIQUE SILVER SPOONS specialise in — guess what? — and carry a good range of informative links as well as the spoons themselves.

  • Collectable antique silver with good descriptions and
    photographs, and an interesting links page — located in South Africa

  •               Old South Silver is the website of Jerome Redfearn, specialist in
    antique silver from the south and mid-western U.S.A.. A commercial venture, but
    with a folksy side, offering interesting information on southern and
    mid-western silversmiths.

  •               Founded 50 years ago by Billy Buck (sadly deceased in January 2016) to cater for his interests in English porcelain and silver, the Buck Family antiques empire now includes furniture (Christopher Buck). David Buck get fine  collectable silver. Collectors of small silver items should find much of interest here.


                 Founded in 1952, it holds 2 meetings a year for its members who are interested in all aspects of wine-labels and wine-label collecting. It has a very knowledgeable and well-illustrated journal that also appears twice a year.



Search engines:

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  • Directory For Antiquing and Collecting on thes Net!

    They wish to make this the premier resource for antiques-hunting and are going the right way about it. Some snags with the indexing at the time of writing: a huge, if ungainly "site-map"


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