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An etui with engraved shagreen case containing 2 knives, a 2-tine fork, a corkscrew and a bodkin, each with screw-in thread to fit one of 2 handles -- and a nutmeg grater — the fittings circa 1740, the case perhaps later.
Price: £850.00
A cased telescopic knife and fork in leather case, mid-eighteenth century.
Price: £650.00
A dessert knife and fork with silver blades/tines and handles with filigree and enamel decoration, Canton circa 1830 by P of Canton, each piece engraved with the crest of Burridge on a cartouche.
Price: £545.00
A set of six silver-gilt dessert knives with cast handles incorporating vines and wheat, the steel blades bearing the retailer',s mark of Storr and Mortimer of London, by William Theobalds and Robert Atkinson, London 1838.
Price: £645.00
An engine turned apple-corer with screw-in blade by John Tongue, Birmingham 1841 initialled LR.
Price: £325.00
Antique silver knife-fork A fruitknife and fork pair with mother-of-pearl handles, by Aaron Hadfield, Sheffield 1865, the fork lacking a patch of foil .
Price: £275.00
An hourglass pattern child's knife and fork in original red leather case, Birmingham 1823 by Joseph Taylor.
Price: £195.00
SN 7306 A mother-of-pearl handled cake knife with engraved blade by George Unite, London 1868.
Price: £175.00
A pair of knife-rests, Birmingham 1840, by Joseph Wilmore.
Price: £155.00
A fruit knife and fork with green stained handles in a morocco leather case, made in Sheffield circa 1800.
Price: £145.00
A pair of knife rests, by Joseph Wilmore Birmingham 1834 (also marked on the ends).
Price: £145.00
A pair of butter knives with mother of pearl handles, by Martin, Hall and Company Sheffield 1859, initialled HDB.
Price: £140.00
A mother-of-pearl handled fruitknife with brightcut blade and shell-capped handle marks worn, probably Sheffield circa 1810.
Price: £125.00
A pair of knife-rests of customary form, London 1822 and 1824, by W?.
Price: £120.00
A small knife and fork with plated blades and tines, the handles of Iona marble, by McGillivray of Oban circa 1900.
Price: £110.00
A fruitknife with brightcut edge to blade and brightcut printies probably Sheffield circa 1800.
Price: £110.00
SN 6411 A steel-bladed palette-knife with tortoise-shell handle & silver oval cartouche circa 1780.
Price: £110.00
SN 8124 A fruitknife with shaped and engraved m-o-p handle by George Unite, Sheffield (!) 1853.
Price: £110.00
A knife-rest with pierced ends, by George Knight London 1824.
Price: £110.00
A pistol-grip table knife with steel blade, London circa 1740, engraved with a worn armorial probably for Kentwood.
Price: £105.00
Two knife rests incorporating armorial shields on the crosspieces, by Yapp and Woodward, Birmingham 1848 bearing the crest and motto of Cochran[e], (1 a.f.).
Price: £95.00
A pair of dessert eaters with mother of pearl handles and silver mounts, engraved with the crest of a demi tiger holding an anchor, the fork was assayed by Robert Peppin in London in 1819 and the knife by William Chawner in 1821.
Price: £95.00
                                                         (Four pairs of dessert eaters from this service are available)
A dessert knife and fork with mother of pearl handles and silver gilt mounts by Robert Peppin London 1823, the knife blade is initialled {CDG}.
Price: £95.00
A folding fruitknife with mother-of-pearl case and engraved border to blade, provincial circa 1790.
Price: £95.00
A "New Gothic" pattern fish knife with pierced blade, fully marked by George Adams London 1855.
Price: £85.00
Fruitknife - SN8794 A mother-of-pearl handled fruitknife with decorated blade and eye-shaped cartouche provincial, probably Sheffield, circa 1800.
Price: £80.00
A mother-of-pearl cased fruit knife, Sheffield circa 1790.
Price: £75.00
SN 8338 A mother-of-pearl handled fruitknife by Joseph Taylor, Birmingham circa 1820.
Price: £70.00
A plain mother-of-pearl handled fruitknife by Thomas Nowill, Sheffield circa 1800.
Price: £65.00

A dessert knife with ridged mother-of-pearl handle and silver blade, ferrule and cap, London 1805 by Moses Brent, crested with a boar's head in pale erect.
Price: £58.00  
                                                                                                                           (3 available)                                                              

A fruit-knife with mother-of-pearl handle with plain handle by Hardy, Bell and Co., Sheffield 1834.
Price: £58.00
A mother-of-pearl handled fruitknife, the case engraved with flowers, the blade brightcut; by Atkins and Oxley, Sheffield 1840 initialled IB, (a.f.).
Price: £55.00
A small Queen's variant pattern knife, Birmingham 1842 by Gervaise Wheeler.
Price: £42.00
A fish knife with attractively engraved PLATED blade and hallmarked silver ferrule, Sheffield 1901. The bone handle carries complex initials.
Price: £38.00