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A set of twelve King's pattern dessert forks, Dublin 1831 by Thomas Farnett, crested with a demi-hound holding the top of a tower.
Price: £1,100.00

A King's pattern Nelson fork of table size, by Edward Hutton London 1886 and crested with an eagle's head and a stag trippant
Price: £450.00
                                      Both these crests were used by the Mckindlay (or McKinley) family

A three-pronged Hanoverian fork made in London in 1766 by Isaac Callard. The reverse is engraved with the Royal Arms under a crown and the initials GR while the front is engraved with the crest of Goldsmidt.
Price: £345.00
Six fiddle and shell tableforks, by John Walton Newcastle 1823, crested with a demi-lion rampant holding a crescent.
Price: £285.00

A Hanoverian dessert fork, by John Toleken of Cork circa 1800
Price: £195.00
                                               (3 similar forks available)

A pair of Old English tableforks, by Francis Higgins London 1876, additionally marked with a Broad Arrow (signifying Government issue).
Price: £190.00
A pair of feather-edge Onslow pickleforks, by Arnold and Lewis London 1907.
Price: £165.00
A pair of fiddle, thread and shell tableforks, by Mary Chawner London 1839, crested with a lion passant.
Price: £165.00
A pair of fiddle, thread and shell tableforks by George Adams, London 1874 crested with an arm holding a ring.
Price: £165.00
A three-pronged tablefork, London 1753.
Price: £145.00

A Coburg pattern dessert fork, London 1828 by William Chawner.
Price: £140.00                                                        

A pair of dessert forks with decorated silver pistol grip handles and steel tines, London circa 1760 maker's mark TS perhaps for Thomas Swift, initialled {TH} or {JH}.
Price: £140.00
A pair of fiddle pattern dessert forks London, 1859 by Francis Higgins initialled AHS.
Price: £100.00

A Coburg pattern table fork, unmarked except for a small workman's mark 'L', nineteenth century.
Price: £95.00
                                               The same workman's mark on this fork has been noted on pieces of flatware by George Adams

An Old English tablefork, by Francis Higgins London 1876, additionally marked with a Broad Arrow (for Government issue).
Price: £95.00
                                              (For further information about the Broad Arrow , see HERE)
A mother-of-pearl handled pickle-fork with engraved tines, Birmingham 1857 by Hilliard and Thomasson.
Price: £85.00
A long fiddle pattern picklefork, by Robert Wallis London 1852, initialled {JBE}.
Price: £85.00
A fiddle-and-shell table fork, by William Chawner London 1820 crested for M'DONNELL or McDONNELL. The spoon is struck with an additional maker's mark (I.W in an oval punch) at the foot of the stem.
Price: £85.00
A pair of ivory-handled pickle forks with 3 tines unmarked circa 1800.
Price: £80.00
An Old English dessert fork, by Eley Fearn and Chawner 1810, crested with a bird of prey on a stand, over { EK}.
Price: £75.00
An Old English tablefork, London 1786 by George Smith.
Price: £65.00
An Old English tablefork by Edward Thomasson, Birmingham 1827.
Price: £62.00
A fiddle pattern pastry-fork made in Birmingham in 1850 by John Gilbert crested with a bird on a rocky mound.
Price: £58.00
An Old English dessert fork, Exeter 1840 by W. R. Sobey crested with a bird.
Price: £55.00
A Hanoverian shell table fork, London 1831 by Randall Chatterton, crested with a hawk on a lure.
Price: £55.00
A fiddle pattern dessert fork, Sheffield 1837 by Patrick Leonard of Salford, crested with a stag's head. The vast majority of cutlery produced by this maker was hallmarked in Chester but the records show that from 1835-1839 he also registered a mark in Sheffield.
Price: £48.00
A mother-of-pearl handled picklefork Birmingham, 1846 by Yapp and Woodward.
Price: £45.00
A single pickle-fork with mother-of-pearl handle by George Unite, Birmingham, circa 1840 (maker's mark only).
Price: £38.00
A silver-plated fiddle pattern spoon with tines to the front, by William Wheatcroft Harrison of Sheffield (active 1857-1918). The registration diamond indicates that the design was copyrighted on 17th July 1872.
Price: £35.00
A mother-of-pearl handled picklefork, Birmingham 1832 by TB, perhaps for Thomas Bartleet Junior.
Price: £35.00
A picklefork of unknown pattern Birmingham, c.1850 by James Collins.
Price: £32.00
Smnall fork - SN8863 A small fiddle, thread and shell fork by the Lias Brothers, London 1870 engraved LMF to WJL.
Price: £35.00
An ivory-handled picklefork, Birmingham circa 1810 by Joseph Taylor (maker's mark only).
Price: £30.00