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A silver-gilt cast vine pattern knife, fork and spoon, by John Samuel Hunt (overstriking George Adams) London 1855, crested with the symbols of Turkey within a Garter Star.
Price: £2,850.00

                                               Following his support for Britain and France in the Crimean war, the Sultan of Turkey was invested with the Order of the Garter in 1856 (the 717th Knight and the first non-Christian to be so honoured). For further information, see here.

A set of 12 Old English spoons of unusual size, intermediate between tea- and dessertspoon, London 1797 by George Smith, crested with a Highlander holding a spear beneath the motto 'Virtus'.
Price: £575.00
6 beaded dessertspoons and dessert forks - single struck; the spoons London 1788 by Thomas Northcote, the forks 1867 by George Adams all similarly crested with a hollybush.
Price: £475.00

A set of six brightcut dessert spoons, London 1782 by Thomas Northcote, crested with an elephant's head.


Five fiddle, thread and shell dessertspoons, London 1885 by Aldwinckle and Slater, crested with a demi griffin.
Price: £340.00

A total of 12 similar spoons are available — see SN3512, 3513, 3514

Dessertspoons 7 fiddle thread dessertspoons in the French manner with arms of SADDLERS Company 4 x 1826 by Charles Eley and 3 1854 by George Adams, the arms bearing 3 saddles for the Saddlers' Company.
Price: £325.00
Six fiddle-thread dessert-spoons by Peter and William Bateman, four made in London in 1806 and two in 1810 , all crested with a sword below a star.
Price: £245.00
6 Old English dessertspoons, London 1825 by Thomas Barker (1 1792 by Smith and Fearn).
Price: £245.00

Three fiddle, thread and shell dessertspoons, London 1821 by William Eley and William Fearn crested with a demi griffin.
Price: £245.00

A total of 12 similar spoons are available — see SN3511, 3513, 3514

A three-piece christening set with pressed foliate handles, Birmingham 1823 by Joseph Taylor.
Price: £195.00
Scandinavian spoon A Scandinavian spoon with pear shaped bowl, flat stem and engraved flower; unmarked circa 1750, the back of the bowl engraved in the customary manner with initials {PRS} {ABD}.
Price: £190.00
A Hanoverian scrollback dessertspoon, London 1772 by WP (perhaps William Portal).
Price: £175.00
A dessert spoon and fork in an unrecorded pattern with neoclassical inspiration, by George Adams London 1872 and 1874.
Price: £165.00

Two fiddle, thread and shell pattern dessertspoons, London 1876 by George Adams, crested with a demi griffin.
Price: £155.00

A total of 12 similar spoons are available — see SN3512, 3511, 3514


Two fiddle, thread and shell pattern dessertspoons, London 1894 by Slater, Slater and Holland crested with a demi griffin.
Price: £155.00

A total of 12 similar spoons are available — see SN3512, 3513, 3511

An Old English thread and drop dessert spoon with flute down front of stem, London by George Smith circa 1780, crested with a dolphin naiant out of a coronet as used by the BRICKDALE family.
Price: £125.00
                                                                                                               (2 available in total)
A Hanoverian dessertspoon, London 1731 possibly by Caleb Hill, initialled {EG}.
Price: £110.00
A 'floral pattern' dessertspoon, London 1860 by George Adams.
Price: £90.00
A dessert spoon of unrecorded pattern, by Mary Chawner London 1837, crested with a shell.
Price: £85.00
                                                                                                             5 spoons available
An Old English Thread-and-Shell dessertspoon, by William Chawner London 1826 (with an additional maker or retailer's mark AM ML), initialled SCS.
Price: £85.00
An American Old English dessert spoon, Philadelphia circa 1790 by Joseph Richardson Junior.
Price: £85.00
An Old English dessertspoon, by Thomas Eustace Exeter 1783, crested with a lion rampant holding a baton..
Price: £80.00
A fiddle-thread dessert spoon, by George Smith London 1779, crested with an eagle displayed.
Price: £78.00

An Old English dessertspoon, by John Robertson Newcastle circa 1800, engraved with the crest of Ettrick.
Price: £75.00
                                       William Ettrick of High Barns, Sunderland, (1726-1808) was the only member of this Dorset family with a residence near Newcastle. He was a local Justice of the Peace and operator of the Sunderland Ferry                                                                                                         (2 spoons available)

A Grecian pattern dessertspoon, by George Adams London 1868.
Price: £75.00
A Hanoverian dessertspoon, probably by William Tant, London 1765, engraved with complex monogram.
Price: £75.00

An Old English pattern dessert spoon, by John Hampston and John Prince and Robert Cattle York 1803.
Price:                                                                   This spoon has the unusual feature sometimes found on York silver of the lion passant facing right rather than left.

A dessertspoon with unusual brightcutting and cartouche made in London in 1784 (pre-duty) by William Chawner. The reverse is initialled {INM}.
Price: £70.00                                                                                      
A brightcut dessertspoon, by Charles Hougham London 1790, initialled {JW JB}.
Price: £65.00
A feather-edge dessertspoon, London 1772 by William Fearn, initialled {JAS}.
Price: £65.00                                                                            
An Old English dessertspoon, London 1770, crested with a bird on top of a tower.
Price: £65.00
A fiddle pattern dessert spoon with cast cartouche London, 1847 by John James Whiting initialled {WR}.
Price: £65.00

A fiddle pattern dessert spoon, by James Barber George Cattle and William North, York 1827, crested with a demi-lion rampant holding a flag, azure, on which a cross Or.
Price: £55.00
                                                                                                                          2 individual spoons available (NOTE: including 5097, there are 4 spoons in total)

An engraved fiddle pattern dessert spoon, by James Barber, York 1854, initialled {JGN}.
Price: £50.00
A fiddle pattern dessertspoon, by Sunshing of Canton circa 1850, initialled {C}.
Price: £52.00
A fiddle and thread dessertspoon by William Eaton London 1839, crested with an eagle with pheon in beak.
Price: £48.00
A feather-edge dessertspoon by Sumner and Crossley, London 1774 initialled {W}.
Price: £45.00